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How We Live Lean While Traveling Over The Holidays


Day In The Life Of A Fit New Dad And Entrepreneur | Live Lean Life Ep. 032

On today’s day in the life vlog episode of Live Lean TV, we’re showing you how we Live Lean while traveling over the holidays.

This is a day in the life of a fit new dad and entrepreneur.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 032 I share:

Dropping Bruno Off A Doozydog! Club

We made it to Christmas Eve.


However, this is just the beginning of our journey as we are flying out in 3-4 hours to spend Christmas in Colorado.

This will be Kyla’s first flight, so she’s all ready to go in baby carriage.

Before we go to the airport, Bruno needs to finish his food so we can drop him off at Doozydog! Club.

He’s going to have a little vacation while we’re away.

I wish we could him with us because we are all going to miss him so much.

It’s sad because this is Bruno’s first Christmas we us, and we’re not going to be able to spend it together.

Let’s go.

While we were driving to doggy day care, Bruno’s whimpering and crying was kicking in.

I think he could feel the vibes that we were about to leave him.

After giving Bruno lots of kisses and re-assurance that we would be back to get him, we said goodbye.

Eating A Big Meal Before Our Flight

We then drove back to the condo to eat up the last little bit of food to empty out the fridge, before we call the Uber to pick us up in hour and a half.

For breakfast, I stir fried the rest of the vegetables in the fridge to go with an egg scramble, cinnamon raisin ezekiel toast, a side of macadamia nuts, and a coconut oil coffee.

I’m also going to make one of my morning smoothies to get as much calories in me as possible.

I just weighed myself before showering and was shocked to see I only weighed 171.2 pounds.

I can’t remember the last time I weighed that little.

The reason is I’ve been crazy busy with work, so I haven’t been getting enough calories in.

Best Way To Track Your Progress

However, if you saw my little snapchat rant a couple days ago, I was talking about how your weight on the scale is the least important thing.

Weight Scale Vs Body Fat Scale: Which Is Better For Body Recomposition? Live Lean TV

Your body fat percentage is more important, however the most important aspect of tracking your progress is looking in the mirror, as well as how you feel inside, and your energy levels.

Those tracking metrics are a much better progress measurement than focusing on the weight on the scale.

However, it’s interesting to see that even though I’m still keeping up with my workouts, my weight is going down because I’m not getting enough calories in.

I’ll try to make that up over the holidays, since you just have to go with the flow, enjoy, and turn all that holiday food into gains.

We also packed snacks in our bag for the airport and flight.

5 Best Healthy Airplane Travel Snack Ideas Live Lean TV

Since we’re filling our belly before we go to the airport, and packing snacks, we won’t have to eat at the airport.

We Made It To The Airport

The Uber driver just dropped us off at the airport.

Kyla did so good in the Uber.

Our first time traveling with the baby is working so far.

Since it is Christmas Eve the airport, including TSA security, is not very busy.


Whenever I travel on Christmas Eve, it’s quiet, which makes it one of the best days to do it.

Kyla had a successful first trip through TSA.

I also made it through, however Jess must have looked suspicious because she had to have her hands tested.

While we were waiting to board the airplane, Kyla wore her fancy headphones.

Kyla wearing headphones at the airport Live Lean TV

I’m pretty sure she was blasting some 50 cent or Dr. Dre.

We’re almost ready to go

We Made It Onto The Flight

The great thing about having a baby on a flight is you get to go on first.

That might be a good reason to have more kids.

We landed after a successful trip.

Kyla slept for most of the flight.

 Live Lean TV

Going For A 20 Minute Walk After The Flight

Once we got to the house, I had 5 pieces of pizza, Jess had 4 pieces, with a side salad.

There were so many Christmas cookies, fudge, peanut brittle, and toffee.

You name it, it was there.

Since we basically sat on a plane all day today, my fitness tracker watch showed my calorie burn for the day was very low, even though my calorie consumption was very high based on what I just ate.

Based on this, I needed to get out and move my legs to get the blood flowing.

Both of our butts were asleep from being so sedentary.

To overcome this, Jess and I decided to go for a 15-20 minute walk, in 32 degree temperature, around the neighborhood in Fort Collins.

Bottom line, if you are going to eat unhealthy food over the holidays, you also have to move your body.

It’s funny, because before we left for the walk, everyone in the house were telling us to be careful because it’s so cold and icy outside.

Everyone, Jess included, seems to forget that I’m Canadian.

As a Canadian, when you see ice, you don’t avoid it, you slide across it.

When it’s cold out, you don’t avoid it, you go have a snowball fight.

Merry Christmas

As I mentioned, there are lots of cookies and sugary snacks in the house.

Remember, it’s Christmas, so have fun and indulge.

However, just make sure you get back to Living Lean, 1-2 days later.

This morning I had my greens powder drink that I travel with.

This ensures I’m still getting enough vegetables in my diet, while fighting off any viruses you often get with traveling.

This greens powder is an excellent immune booster.

Here’s a link to go get your greens powder.

Kyla’s First Christmas Present From Santa

 Live Lean TV

Kyla was so excited to open her first Christmas present from Santa.

It was Bubble Oodles!

Let’s be real, I think she was more excited to play with the wrapping paper versus the bubbles 😂.

Kyla also received new bibs from her great grandmother and a wi-fi baby remote monitoring camera from her grandpa.

She’s so techy.

Now we can watch Kyla from another room or watch Bruno when we aren’t home.

Trampoline Workout

After opening the Christmas presents, Jess and I went outside to play on the trampoline.

I felt like we needed to get our heart rate going.

We quickly learned that the trampoline is such an awesome way to get the blood flowing.

brad trampoline Live Lean TV

The neighbors were looking at us like we were crazy!

I really wanted to do a back flip, but I decided today was not the day.

Maybe tomorrow.

It may seem like we are out of shape since we were out of breath from jumping on the trampoline.

Don’t forget that we are in Colorado right now, therefore the is a serious elevation change from living at sea level in San Diego, California.

Now we’re way up in the mountains.

We have to do our cardio in Colorado more often since we definitely felt the elevation change in our lungs.

We’re going to be super athletes when we get back home to California.

Kyla Playing Pat-A-Cake With Her Great Grandma

 Live Lean TV

Before Christmas dinner, Kyla’s great grandma sang her the pat-a-cake song:

“Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man, 

Bake me a cake, as fast as you can; 

Roll it around, roll it around;

And throw it in the pan;

And then eat’em, eat’em, eat’em, eat’em.”

What I Ate For Christmas Dinner

 Live Lean TV

Here’s my Christmas dinner plate.

Looks like I’m going to have some stinky pee tonight from that asparagus.

Our First Time Using Virtual Reality

After dinner Jess and I tried on a virtual reality headset.

Her virtual reality took her to Japan with a bear.

Jess virtual reality Live Lean TV

My virtual reality took me to Germany back in the early 1900s.

 Live Lean TV

We then read Kyla a few stories from her new books.

She was very amused.

December 26, 2016

It is the day after Christmas.

Today’s a new day Live Lean Nation.

It’s time to get back to Living Lean.

Over on my Instagram stories, I just showed you a few quick clips of on how we are getting back to Living Lean, after taking a few days off to celebrate Christmas with family, eating whatever we wanted, while not moving our body’s very much.

For a healthy breakfast, I made an open faced ground beef omelet, with eggs, ground beef, arugula, and a drizzle of mustard.

I also had my lemon water and greens drink.

After breakfast, Jessica and I went outside for another trampoline workout in 20 degree F weather.

 Live Lean TV

It looks like it’s warmer, but trust me, it’s cold.

After approximately 20 seconds of jumping on the trampoline in the very thin Colorado air, my heart rate elevated 120 beats per minute.

While I was jumping on the trampoline, Jessica wanted me to do a trampoline burpee.

It brought back a scary memory of the last time she encouraged me to do a move on video.

My wrists still haven’t recovered from the somersault burpee fail.

I get a little excited when I’m trying to impress my wife.

I decided to be more careful this time.

brad trampoline Live Lean TV

Post Christmas Physique Update

Just because it’s the day after Christmas, it doesn’t mean your lean body goes away after one day of bad eating.

This is proof that Living Lean is real.

Christmas Physique Update - Brad Jess Live Lean TV

After the post Christmas physique update, we bundled up and took Kyla for a walk around downtown Fort Collins.

During the walk we saw a pair of 2,300 pound horses pulling carriages.

I wouldn’t want to get kicked in the jewels by those horse hooves.

A few vlogs ago I was complaining that the skating rink in San Diego cost $16.

I don’t know how much this skating rink in Fort Collins is, but it’s not even made out of ice.

The artificial ice is made out of some type of plywood or something that is not even cold.

The people on the “ice” were literally just walking on their skates, rather than gliding.

skating rink in fort collins Live Lean TV

Sometimes, I just don’t get you Americans 😂.

Christmas, 2016 Recap

There you go, that was Christmas, 2016.

We showed you how we Live Lean while traveling over the holidays, including showing you how we:

  • Prepared before traveling to beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Celebrated Christmas day
  • Were really lieniete on what we ate on Christmas
  • Started getting back to Living Lean the day after Christmas

I say “started getting back” to Living Lean since we were not yet in full blown Live Lean mode the day after Christmas.

For example, I still had some chocolate, as well as cornbread for dinner.

Even though we’re still not eating the foods we normally eat, we did have a good breakfast and a trampoline workout.

For the next few days, we will progressively get back into the healthy habits that we’re used to doing all year round.

Living Lean is not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Let’s do this together and make 2017 the best, healthiest, and fittest year of your life.

We appreciate you coming along on this journey, let’s do this.


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