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Leg Workout Challenge At The Gym


Squat Challenge | Private Airplane Flight | Meeting Santa | Live Lean Life Ep. 030

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, we’re taking you though a leg workout challenge at the gym, private airplane flight, and meeting Santa Claus at the mall.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 030 I share:

Leg Workout Challenge At The Gym

Welcome back to the gym.

Jessica and I are doing a leg workout challenge from our Team Live Lean workout program.


This is called the Squat Challenge.

Therefore it is obviously filled with a lot of different squat variations.

Every single workout in the December Team Live Lean program is a fun challenge style workout, so hopefully you are doing these workouts along with us.

All the workouts are found in our workout app, which is accessible on your phone, tablet, or smart TV.

If you are at the gym, this makes the workout easily accessible on your phone.

Let’s get into the leg workout.

Weight Selection Suggestions

The weights given in this challenge are suggestions only.

If you have never lifted that amount of weight, don’t try to lift it during this challenge.

These are not our maximum weights, however, they were good for our strength levels, based on the given reps.

If you need to lower the weight, do it.

Reps, Sets, And Rest

During this leg workout challenge, all the reps are designed to be completed in one set.

However, you can take a break whenever needed.

Remember, no sloppy reps.

If you don’t need a break, stay focused and complete all the reps in one set.

After completing all the reps, take a 60 second break, then move on to the next exercise.

This leg workout challenge is no joke.

You have to find that extra energy to push through.

The pain in your muscles is a good thing.

It’s growth.

Keep pushing through it.

Prepare to getting smoked.

No breaks during the set, let’s go.

A. Glute Bridge

The first exercise is the glute bridge.

  • Reps: 50 (Male and Female)
  • Sets: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Tempo: 1011

Coaching cues:

  • You may think the glute bridge looks easy, but trust us, once you get past 30 consecutive reps, it burns.

B. Dumbbell Goblet Squat

The second exercise is the dumbbell goblet squat.

  • Reps: 50 (Male and Female)
  • Male Weight: 50 pounds
  • Female Weight: 35 pounds
  • Sets: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Tempo: 2010

I completed all 50 reps in one set.


Jess completed 40 reps in one set, then finished the last 10 reps after a quick breather.

Let’s keep going.

C. Barbell Front Squat

The third exercise is the barbell front squat.

  • Reps: 30 (Male and Female)
  • Male Weight: 165 pounds
  • Female Weight: 95 pounds
  • Sets: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Tempo: 2010

You can complete the barbell front squat with either of the following grips:

  • Rack position clean grip
  • Arms crossed cross grip

Even though I prefer to complete barbell front squats with the rack position clean grip, during this workout I’m using the arms crossed cross grip since I was nursing a wrist injury.

The arms crossed cross grip is also good for people who lack the proper wrist flexibility.

D. Barbell Back Squat

The next exercise is the barbell back squat.

For this challenge, Jessica completed the smith machine back squat.

  • Reps: 30 (Male and Female)
  • Male Weight: 185 pounds
  • Female Weight: 115 pounds
  • Sets: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Tempo: 2010

E. Box Jumps

The next exercise are box jumps.

  • Reps: 20 (Male and Female)
  • Sets: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Tempo: 10X0

F. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat

The next exercise is the dumbbell bulgarian split squat.

  • Reps: 10 per side (Male and Female)
  • Male Weight: 25 pounds
  • Female Weight: 15 pounds
  • Sets: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Tempo: 2010

G. Dumbbell Crossover Step Up

The last exercise is the dumbbell crossover step up.

  • Reps: 10 per side (Male and Female)
  • Male Weight: 25 pounds
  • Female Weight: 15 pounds
  • Sets: 1
  • Tempo: 1010

Scenic Private Flight Around San Diego With My Mom

It’s a beautiful day to go flying here at Montgomery Airport in San Diego.

I’m taking my mom up for a private flight in a Cirrus SR22T.

Screenshot-2023-12-13-at-120234 PM Live Lean TV airplane

It’s a beautiful airplane with leather seats and Bose headsets.

We do it right.

After a very cool flight, we were back on the ground, safe and sound.

Mom said she had a wonderful flight.

Meeting Santa Claus At The Mall

Screenshot-2023-12-13-at-121612 PM Live Lean TV

We took Kyla to the shopping mall to get pictures with Santa Claus.

While we were waiting in the line, Kyla fell asleep.

It’s always risky waking her up because she can get pretty salty, especially when she has to go sit on a strangers lap.

What am I saying?

It’s not a stranger, it’s Santa Claus.

Everyone loves Santa.

Screenshot-2023-12-13-at-121438 PM Live Lean TV kyla and santa

This was Kyla’s big moment since it was her first time meeting Santa Claus.

She was dressed in all red, with a big reindeer on her bum.

Kyla was ready to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.

After taking a few photos, Kyla wouldn’t tell us what she asked Santa for, since it was a secret.

She said it was a secret.

Screenshot-2023-12-13-at-122029 PM Live Lean TV Kyla baby

What happens between Kyla and Santa, stays between Kyla and Santa 😂.


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