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Day In The Life Of A Fitness Influencer And New Dad

Family Road Trip To Encinitas, California | Live Lean Life Ep. 016

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a day in the life of a fitness influencer and new dad.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 016 I share:

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Spending the Weekend In Encinitas, California

While we were getting ready to head out for the weekend, I came to a realization

Packing the car to go away for the weekend is insane when you have to pack for a:

  • Dog
  • Baby
  • Wife

The car was already stocked to the brim before Jess and Kyla were even in the car.

I think we need a bigger car.

Before leaving on the road trip to visit Jessica’s mother and stepfather, I had my Superfood Maca Powder Smoothie.

Super Powered Maca Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Every time I have it, Jessica always notices I get a little bit of the dried smoothie crust on the bridge of my nose.

Based on all the healthy ingredients I add to the smoothie, I’m assuming the antioxidants are good for my skin and face.

Whatever way you can get it, get it 😜.

As a new dad, before we can leave I need to ensure:

  • Kyla is safely buckled into her car seat
  • Bruno is comfortably situated on Jessica’s lap
  • The Waze app is open with the directions
  • Music is turned on.

With that said, let’s get on the freeway, wait in standstill traffic, and drive to San Diego.

Driving Lessons With Dad

During the first few seconds of the road trip, Kyla started getting a little saucy and salty.

However, once I gave her the dad lecture of, “Kyla, don’t make me turn this car around. If you don’t stop screaming, I am going to turn this car around and bring you back home”, she stopped.

Jessica looked and me and said, “Wow, you are such a dad.” 😂

It was a classic “dad talk”.

I am definitely built for this dad life.

I love you California, but you have to make the slow traffic move faster.

Fortunately the traffic going south was much faster than the traffic going north.

My theory on traffic is people need to learn how to drive better.

The simple key to solving bad traffic is to stop accidents.

If there were less accidents, there would be less traffic.

Here are my dad driving lessons to reduce the risk of car accidents:

  1. Keep two hands on the stirring wheel.
  2. One hand is at the 10 o’clock position, and the other hand at the 2 o’clock position.
  3. Keep your eyes on the road.
  4. No looking at your cell phone or vlogging.

Welcome To Encinitas, California

As we were pulling into Jessica’s mother and stepfather house in Encinitas, we sarcastically joked how ghetto the area was and how unfortunate it is that her parents live in such a dump.

Just to be clear, Encinitas is essentially paradise, and does not look and smell like poop 😉.

After we dropped Kyla and Bruno off at the grandparents, also known as Gigi and Bubba, we snuck out like ninjas to go spend some alone time in downtown San Diego.

It was such a surreal moment of feeling so light and free.


4 Minute Partner Tabata Full Body Workout

Once we got back to Gigi and Bubba’s house, since it was sunny and the scenery was so beautiful, I decided to film a few exercise demonstration videos for my Live Lean TV Daily Exercises YouTube channel.

After that, Jessica and I decided to film this simple and traditional 4 minute no equipment partner optional tabata full body workout.

4 Minute No Equipment Tabata Full Body Workout

Go try this following along tabata workout: 4 Minute No Equipment Tabata Full Body Workout

Post Workout Cold Plunge In The Pool

Once the workout was over, I decided to go for a cold plunge in the pool.

Even though I didn’t have my swim shorts on, that didn’t give me an excuse to not jump in the swimming pool.

I thought about going skinny dipping, however since it was at Jessica’s parents house, I decided to just jump in with my underwear.

Or as Jessica called it, “the lamest, wussiest jump of all time”.

I agreed that it was a sissy jump, so I decided to do it again, by jumping in a more manly way.

Jessica and Bruno agreed and gave my second jump a score of 10 points.

Since it was a great pool to swim laps in, Jessica and I decided to race.

Even though my underwear almost came off during the race, I still won.

It was worth showing my butt crack 🍑.

Filming An #AskLiveLeanTV Podcast

It’s podcast time.

Once we got the equipment set up, we shared a little behind the scenes peak of the beautiful new film set and background.

Luckily Kyla behaved herself and Bruno was chill during the filming.

After that, we loaded up the car, got Bruno situated on Jessica’s lap, waved goodbye to the grandparents, then started our drive back to Los Angeles.


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