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What Do We Think About Long Distance Relationships?

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IIFYM, Meet Ups, Long Distance Relationships | #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 005

On episode 005 of the #AskLiveLeanTV show, we’re answering 7 of your questions, including what do we think about long distance relationships?

We decided all of the questions we’re tired of answering, including how do you lose belly fat and inner thigh fat, will be answered by today’s special guest, Leo Flowers.

In addition to being a comedian, Leo is also a former personal trainer, and has a master’s in psychology.

Therefore, you will get three different perspectives for all of the answers to today’s questions.

If you’re new to the #AskLiveLeanTV show, send us a question using #AskLiveLeanTV on social media, and we’ll answer it on film:

Hint: Twitter is the best place to do it.

Since we have a lot of question, let’s jump right into.

Here Are Today’s 7 Viewer Questions

  1. Are you planning on doing more Live Lean meet ups?
  2. What do we think of IIFYM?
  3. Do certain exercises like rows, make women look bulky?
  4. What do we think about long distance relationships?
  5. How can teens in college or living with their unhealthy parents eat healthy?
  6. What do you do when you hit a plateau?
  7. Why is peanut butter not paleo friendly?

Question #1: Are You Planning On Doing More Live Lean Meet Ups?

@CiscoBalls from Twitter says:

“How about hosting a few more Live Lean meet ups?

What’s up man, thank you so much for all the engagement you’re given us.

If you’re not aware, Jessica and I have done a few meet ups with people from the Live Lean community around LA and New York City.

Let us know where you want us to show up next for a meet up.

In fact, that will be one of today’s questions of the day.

Let us know in the comments below, what city are you from and where do you want us to come visit?

If you can get enough people together, we’ll come to your city, do a meet up, and put you through a workout.

We would love to have a UK meet up, so if you are from the UK, let us know in the comments below.

We could also do another California meet up in LA or San Diego, since these are the most likely cities for it to happen.

Ultimately, the meet ups are all about you.

If you show up, we will show up.

It’s up to you to rally the troops.

Question #2: What Do We Think Of IIFYM?

@makeup2massacre on Instagram asks:

“What do you think of IIFYM? I know you advocate healthy eating above all, however I see many people in the fitness industry following this eating style, and they seem to get incredible results eating whatever they choose, as long as it fits into their macros and calories. Does IIFYM work for everyone?”

Does IIFYM Work For Everyone?

Check out the full post: Does IIFYM Work For Everyone?

Question #3: Do Certain Exercises Like Rows, Make Women Look Bulky?

@harmehar10 on Snapchat asks:

“Hi Brad and Jessica, I love watching your videos and personally a big fan of your workout videos. You do a really splendid job for the whole world to get fit and healthy! I am an Indian, so my question is many trainers in India advise their female clients not to do certain kinds of exercises, as they can make them look bulky, or give them a boyish look! One of the exercises being the seated row. Do you really think that’s true? Do specific exercises make women bulky?”

Do Specific Exercises Make Women Bulky?

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Question #4: What Do We Think About Long Distance Relationships?

@Salvazjr on Twitter asks:

“What do you think about long distance relationships?”

When I first read this, I thought you were going to say “long distance running”, since this is Live Lean TV.

However, we love talking about all aspects of life, not just fitness related questions.

If you are new to the show, Jessica and I started with a long distance relationship.

Proposing To My Girlfriend Who I Met On YouTube

Since it worked out for us, we think long distance relationships are fantastic, if you work at it.

Jessica and I actually met on YouTube.

The only reason we met is because Jessica saw one of my YouTube workout videos.

According to Jessica, she thought, “damn this dude is hot, maybe he wants to collaborate on some fitness videos.”

Based on this, Jessica reached out to “collaborate”, and now we are married with kids.

Long story short, we did have a long distance relationship for a couple of years.

This meant we had to fly back and forth between New York City and Toronto to visit each other.

Ultimately, We Made It Work

We both think long distance was a great way to get to know each other slowly over time, without rushing into things too fast.

Since we lived so far apart, this distance allowed us to live our own life, be busy with work, but then come together for really fun visits.

It was great.

Every month, we would meet each other, and it was like being on a fun and exciting vacation.

How Far Away Do You Live From Each Other?

Are you in LA and she’s in London?

If you are driving distance away, that’s even better.

Jessica and I had to fly to see each other, so it made it more expensive and complicated.

However, if you have the right person, distance should not be a factor.

This Was Our First Long Distance Relationship

Ironically enough, before I met Jessica, I said I couldn’t do a long distance relationship.

At the time, I never believed it could work, but obviously we’re proof that it does work.

We also have a couple of friends who did long distance for a year, and they eventually got married.

It all comes down to one thing.

If you are the right type of person for each other, you will figure out a way to make it work.

If you are not the right person, then it’s not worth your time.

Be Committed

It also goes without saying, that both the guy or girl needs to behave themselves when you are apart.

In other words, keep it in your pants, regardless if you are a guy or girl.

Ultimately, if you are going to be in a long distance relationship, be true to the person.

Be 100% in that relationship, stick to it, and don’t go elsewhere.

When it’s the right person, your eyes shouldn’t sway to another.

Question #5: How Can Teens In College, Or Living With Their Unhealthy Parents, Eat Healthy?

aschultz13 on Snapchat asks:

“Hi Brad! What do you suggest to teens to help maintain a healthy diet, who live with their parents who do not follow a healthy lifestyle, or those going to college and cannot meal prep, or don’t have access to cooking food? What are you best tips for eating healthy in college dining halls?”

Eating Healthy In College Dining Halls

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Question #6: What Do You Do When You Hit A Plateau?

snuitjeee on Snapchat asks:

“What are your best tips on what to do when you hit a plateau during fat loss?”

What To Do When You Hit A Plateau During Fat Loss

Check out the full post: What To Do When You Hit A Plateau During Fat Loss

Question #7: Why Is Peanut Butter Not Paleo Friendly?

Joe Knotts on Facebook asks:

“I follow a Paleo-ish way of eating. With low carb eating, paleo especially, peanut butter is shunned in favor of almond butter, but the nutritional facts are virtually identical. While I like almond butter, natural peanut butter at $3 vs. almond butter at $10-13, is a big factor in which one I choose to buy. The only justification Paleo eaters can give for not eating natural peanut butter is because it’s a legume, and “cavemen didn’t eat it” (insert eye roll here). So what would be a valid reason, if there truly is one, why one should not consume natural peanut butter?”

Is Almond Butter Better Than Peanut Butter On The Paleo Diet?

Check out the full post: Is Almond Butter Better Than Peanut Butter On The Paleo Diet?

That Was Episode Number 5 Of Our #AskLiveLeanTV Show

Thanks to Leo Flowers for being on the show.

Since #AskLiveLeanTV is a new podcast, the first 30 days are the most important to get subscriptions, ratings and reviews.

Also, if you listen to us on the podcast, and don’t know about our YouTube Channel, please pop on over and subscribe to our Live Lean TV Youtube channel.

Question Of The Day

Leo wants to know, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Post your answers below.

Here are our answers.

Leo’s answer:

The idea that I can do a little better.

I try to wake up and pray every morning.

This includes giving thanks and setting my intention for the day.

Jessica’s answer:

For me, I honestly have to pee.

However, what drives me is knowing that I’m inspiring people, even if it’s just one person.

The fact that I can affect somebody’s life and make them leaner, happier, more energetic, and feel more confident about their body, is what is really important to me.

It’s why I do what I do, and why I’m in this industry.

Brad’s answer:

For me, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s to further our Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 mission.

We put this content out there because we love the results that you are getting.

For me it’s about giving back, and being of service to other people.

Hopefully that’s what we’re doing with our YouTube channel, and our products.

We’re seeing the transformations, so we know it’s working.

Please keep spreading the message because we’re looking to grow the Live Lean Nation.

Thank you for taking action on what we’re talking about.

Thank you so much for tuning in to #AskLiveLeanTV Episode 005.

We’ll see you at episode 006.

Keep Living Lean.


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