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Can I Workout Before Or After Donating Blood?

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Protein Farts, Thigh Fat, Back Boobs | #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 006 | LiveLeanTV

On episode 006 of the #AskLiveLeanTV show, we’re answering 9 of your questions, including can I workout before or after donating blood?

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Here Are Today’s 9 Viewer Questions

  1. How do we decide what we personally workout and when is the Yoga DVD coming out?
  2. How do you lose inner thigh fat?
  3. What is the optimal ratio of cardio to strength training workouts?
  4. What are healthy substitutions for bread?
  5. What exercises give you the v-taper look?
  6. How do I get rid of the protein farts?
  7. How do you lose back fat and boobs?
  8. Should you take BCAAs and Glutamine twice a day if you workout twice?
  9. Is it safe to donate blood? Can I workout before or after donating blood?

    Question #1: How Do We Decide What We Personally Workout And When Is The Live Lean Yoga Video Program Coming Out?

    ciscoballs from Snapchat asks:

    “How do you decide what to workout? You develop these awesome programs to help us develop a lifestyle. What do you do when you already live it? I know your HIIT and muscle grouping. What inspires you to make a schedule for that week? I’m trying to Live Lean so I need more expert Live Lean advice. And when is the yoga video program coming out? You guys really changed my life. Thank you.”

    How Do You Decide What To Workout

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    Question #2: How Do You Lose Inner Thigh Fat?

    Rosalind from Snapchat asks:

    “I’ve been working out constantly and following a clean and lean diet. I am very happy with how I look now, minus my tummy and inner thighs, which seem to be holding all my fat. Do you have any advice for inner thigh fat and tummy fat? I get married in 3 months and want to look amazing. I have been Living Lean for over 2 years now, but it’s still those problem areas that I can’t shift. Many thanks to you both.”

    Advice For Inner Thigh Fat And Tummy Fat

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    Question #3: What Is The Optimal Ratio Of Cardio To Strength Training Workouts?

    Jessica Lynn from Instagram asks:

    “What is the optimal ratio for cardio days vs strength training days? I’ve read that if you want to lose weight and tone up, it should be 3-4 days of cardio and 2-3 days of strength. I personally still have weight to lose, but also want to increase definition now that some of the weight is gone. Plus, I want to keep toning up until I’m where I want to be physically. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you guys for you awesome videos!”

    How Many Cardio vs Strength Training Workouts To Lose Weight and Tone Up

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    Question #4: What Are Healthy Substitutions For Bread?

    ricker2000 on Snapchat asks:

    “I just saw a #AskLiveLeanTV episode and was surprised to see my question about the best abs friendly alcohol was answered. You guys are the only peeps who interact with your viewers – you rock! You may have already made a video on this before, but do you ever make bread? I know you aren’t a big fan of flour, but I love bread. Can you eat bread and get abs? Do you have any good bread substitutions?”

    Can You Eat Bread And Get Abs?

    Check out the full post: Check out the full post: Eating Healthy In College Dining Halls

    Question #5: What Exercises Give You The V-taper Look?

    Tino on Snapchat asks:

    “How to get a v-tapered body and what are the benefits? Also, what muscles should be worked and what are the best exercises to get a v-tapered body? I appreciate the 5-10 minute workouts.”

    How To Get A V-Taper Body

    Check out the full post: How To Get A V-Taper Body

    Question #6: How Do I Get Rid Of The Protein Farts?

    Lady Rosaleee on Twitter asks:

    “Whenever I eat eggs and meat my butt goes off like a bubble machine, ALL DAY. This is so embarrassing. I would love to know how to stop gassy protein farts? What should I do?”

    How To Stop Gassy Protein Farts

    Check out the full post: How To Stop Gassy Protein Farts

    Question #7: How Do You Lose Back Fat And Boobs?

    @CollegeRapedMe on Twitter asks:

    “How do you lose back fat / boobs?”

    The Truth About How To Lose Back Fat For Women

    Check out the full post: The Simple Truth About How To Lose Back Fat For Women

    Question #8: Should You Take BCAAs And Glutamine Twice A Day If You Workout Twice?

    @Danielleger1 on Snapchat asks:

    “Hi Brad, Jessica, and Bruno! Here is a question for you. We take BCAAs and glutamine during our workouts. When you pull a two a day workout, we did upper body in the morning and legs in the afternoon, should you take BCCAs and glutamine for both two a day workouts? Thanks in advance.”

    Should You Take BCAAs and Glutamine For Both Two A Day Workouts?

    Check out the full post: Should You Take BCAAs and Glutamine For Both Two A Day Workouts?

    Question #9: Is It Safe To Donate Blood? Can I Workout Before Or After Donating Blood?

    Hunter on Snapchat asks:

    “Hey, I’ve got a question for you. I plan on donating blood tomorrow at my school and was wondering if I should not work out in the morning like I do every day? Should I not work out the day after as well, or should I just not donate blood? What is best for my health and muscle growth? Thanks.” 

    Donate the blood brother.
    The most recent stats says one blood donation can save up to three lives.
    I used to donate blood every 62 days, or whenever I could.
    I actually had my name up on the wall at the local blood donation clinic since I hit 50 plus donations.
    Based on that, it’s possible I could have saved 150 lives.
    Hopefully some good karma is coming my way.
    Unfortunately when I moved countries, I just haven’t got back to doing it yet.
    However, that’s no excuse.

    We should get back to donating blood, since you just inspired us.

    It’s a great thing that you’re donating blood, so congratulations for doing that, especially at a young age.
    The first time Jessica and I donated blood was in school as well.
    I was in high school and Jessica was in college.

    We love when schools host the blood donations truck on campus.

    This is the reason why I started the positive habit of donating blood.
    Plus you get to eat the cookies, fig newtons, and orange juice box afterwards to increase your blood sugar levels.

    How Does Giving Blood Affect Your Health And Muscle Growth?

    Now, let’s answer your question on how does giving blood affect one’s health and muscle growth.
    Since it’s such a small amount of blood, don’t worry about it affecting your health or muscle growth.
    Your body will start pumping and regenerating new blood quickly, so it’s not harming your health or muscle growth in any way.
    Again, it’s such a great thing to donate blood, so keep doing it.

    Should I Not Work Out The Day After Donating Blood?

    You could workout in the morning if you’re donating blood in the afternoon.
    However, I wouldn’t workout the same day after donating blood.
    When I was donating blood, I would always ask the nurse if I could workout later in the day.
    Her answer was always, no, since a couple hours after donating blood, some people may feel woozy.

    Working Out Before Donating Blood Can Help Increase Blood Flow

    I’m pretty vascular, meaning my veins pop out, which makes them very easy to find.
    Therefore the nurses always loved me since my veins are always so defined.
    However, if you are not as vascular, you can workout before donating blood to increase your vascularity and make your veins easier to find and poke with the needle.
    This is a benefit to working out before donating blood.

    Bottom Line On Donating Blood And Working Out

    If you are donating blood at 4:00pm, I wouldn’t workout that night.
    However, the day after is fine to get your workout in, since you should be recovered by then.
    If you do notice you’re a little woozy, or you’re not feeling right the next day, you could push the workout later in the evening, or keep the workout lighter.
    Ultimately, donating blood shouldn’t have much of an effect on your workouts, so you should be all right to workout the next day. 
    Thumbs up to you for donating blood.
    It would be great if we all gave more since the world would be a happier place.

    That’s A Wrap On Episode Number 6 Of Our #AskLiveLeanTV Show

    Thank you so much for sending us these questions and providing your feedback in the comments section below.

    You are the lifeblood of this show.

    If we didn’t have your questions, we couldn’t do this show.

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    Keep those questions coming.

    Question Of The Day

    Let’s get to the question of the day.

    Since Living Lean is about being a good person too, my question of the day is, what is the last selfless thing you have done for somebody else?

    My man Hunter just said he gave blood.

    What was the last thing you did?

    Tell us in the comments below.

    Since we want to make you think, our question of the days have been deep.

    Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you at #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 007.

    Keep Living Lean.


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