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You Must Do This To Get Bigger Biceps [for any Muscle]

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Initiate and contract to get bigger biceps and improve mind and muscle connection

On today’s episode, I have a great tip to get bigger biceps.

In particular, how to improve your mind and muscle connection.

To get bigger biceps, it’s important to get as much as possible out of every single rep.

To do this, it’s important to first focus your mind on the muscle that you’re targeting.

So for this example, we’re talking about biceps and the bicep curl.

The goal of the bicep curl is to get the maximum amount of contraction out the bicep, for every single rep.

This is much different than what you see most people do.

You Must Do This To Get Bigger Biceps

To get bigger biceps: STOP making this mistake

Most people just try to hit a certain rep count without really focusing on contracting.

In other words, people just go through the motions of moving the weight, with no focus on contracting the muscle they’re looking to grow.

By getting laser focused on the bicep, and visualizing it contracting as hard as possible, you’ll get a much stronger contraction.

A stronger contraction leads to getting bigger biceps.

You Must Do This To Get Bigger Biceps

How to improve mind to muscle connection to get bigger biceps:

Here are a few simple steps to improve the mind to muscle connection before each set of bicep dumbbell curls.

Step #1: Grab a pair of dumbbells

Step #2: Take a deep breath

Step #3: Get focused and ask yourself, “what muscle am I contracting?”

Step #4: Before initiating the curl, contract the bicep hard, then really focus on feeling the bicep moving the weight, especially for the first 1-2 inches of the curl.

Step #5: Continue curling the dumbbell, with your bicep curl form locked down so all the strength to move the dumbbell is coming from the contracting bicep.

Step #6: Once the bicep is fully shortened (when your forearms touch your bicep), contract even hard for at least a 1 second count.

Step #7: Without losing tension on the bicep, under control, slowly lower the dumbbell with good tempo (a 2-3 second count), until you fully lengthen the bicep (when you can flex your tricep), and reach full range of motion.

Stop Making This Common Bicep Curl Mistake

Note: most bicep gains are made on the lowering eccentric portion of the lift.

Slow the tempo of the negative portion of the bicep curl to really get bigger arms.

Bottom line of getting bigger arms:

Your biceps don’t know the amount of weight you’re curling.

All it knows is the contraction it feels throughout the full range of motion.

So once again:

  • Before moving the dumbbell, focus on the bicep.
  • Initiate the movement with the bicep.
  • Squeeze and contract the bicep hard throughout the curl.
  • Move the weight through a full range of motion.
  • Slow the lowering portion for a bigger and stronger bicep.

If your goal is to get bigger arms:  

  • Stop curling with no focus or intention.
  • No more talking to your buddy’s during the set.
  • Forget about the hot girl walking (talk to her after).
  • Stop forgetting about the bottom portion of the curl.

Stop Making This Common Bicep Curl Mistake

When you’re in the zone, focus on the goal at hand: contracting the working muscle hard!

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