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45 Minute Full Body Superset Workout To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

The Compound Plyometric Superset Workout That Makes Your Body Fat Disappear

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you into the gym for a 45 minute full body superset workout to build muscle and burn fat.

This is a great workout designed to ignite new muscles gains, while burning a lot of calories.

We’re going to do this by combining multi-joint compound exercises with quick and explosive plyometric style bodyweight exercises, to be completed in superset format.

Some people may call this a “com-plyo” workout.

Regardless of what you want to call it, this workout is going to make your body fat disappear.

Get ready to build muscle and blast off your fat, and finally say goodbye to your stubborn body fat.

Let’s get started.

45 Minute Full Body Superset Workout To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

Once again, during this workout you’ll be pairing a compound multi-joint movement with an explosive plyometric exercise.

When you do this:

  • your body fat will disappear off of your body.
  • building muscle
  • increasing athleticism
  • improving your cardiovascular system

Since this is a superset workout, there is no rest between exercises within superset.

Take a 60 second rest after completing the 2 exercises within each superset.

Complete 2 sets of each superset.

Watch the step-by-step exercise demonstration videos below to learn how to do all the exercises in the workout.

Leg Superset A:

A1. Barbell Front Squat 

Reps: 8

Sets: 2

Rest: 0

Tempo: 2010

Coaching cues: for the first superset, we’re starting off with 8 reps of the barbell front squat, which is a compound exercise that hits the lower body. When completing the barbell front squat, the weight is loaded on the front of the body. In addition to building leg strength, we’re also incorporating more abs and building overall core strength at the same time. This is due to the positioning of the weight on the front of the shoulders. Make sure you are going low on the descent, while focusing on keeping your core tight. Once you hit the bottom of the squat, press up through the legs, and really squeeze your quadriceps. Once you completed all 8 reps, re-rack the barbell and move directly into the plyometric portion of the superset.

If you’re unsure of how to do the barbell front squat, check out this in-depth post on how to front squat with proper form and technique.

A2. Bench Jump Squat

Reps: 16

Sets: 2

Rest: 60 seconds

Tempo: 10X0

Coaching cues: remember, in this superset there are no breaks between completing the multi-joint exercise and the plyometric exercise. So without taking a break, move from one to the other. While completing 16 reps of the bench jump squat, you are going to feel the burn in your legs. But remember, that burn is your friend. Think of it as the feeling of making the muscle gains happen. Jump up as high as you can, land softly, then lower your butt to the bench. I use the bench as a marker to ensure you are getting deep enough in the squat. Once you complete 16 reps, take a 60 second break, and repeat the superset one more time.

Back Superset B:

B1. Barbell Bent Over Row

Reps: 8

Sets: 2

Rest: 0

Tempo: 2010

Coaching cues: we’re now moving on to the second superset combo that hits the back. We’re starting with the barbell bent over row. Take a medium width grip on the barbell and make sure you keep your back flat, close to parallel to the ground. Focus on making sure your neck is in neutral alignment with your spine, and pull your elbows
high. When completing this movement, think about pulling with your elbows, rather than pulling with your biceps. After completing 8 reps, re-rack the barbell, then move directly into the inverted row.

B2. Inverted Row

Reps: 16

Sets: 2

Rest: 60 seconds

Tempo: 20X0

Coaching cues: we’re now moving on to the inverted row for 16 reps. Even though this bodyweight movement isn’t technically a plyometric exercise, we’re going to explode up, then slowly go back down for the reps. These 16 reps will really burn out the muscle fibers in your back. If 16 reps is too difficult for you, and you just don’t have anything left in the tank, rather than stopping, simply bend your knees to complete the bent leg inverted row variation. This will make it a little bit easier on you, but since we’re only doing 2 supersets, I want you to challenge yourself. Let’s give it your all. Once you hit that 16th rep, take a 60 second break, then repeat that back superset one more time.

Chest Superset C:

C1. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

Reps: 8

Sets: 2

Rest: 0 seconds

Tempo: 2010

Coaching cues: let’s move on to the chest superset portion of this workout. First multi-joint compound exercise is the dumbbell incline bench press for 8 reps. To ensure you are creating tension in your chest muscles, select a heavy weight that you can maintain good tight form. The goal is to load the weight on the muscles, not the joints.
Focus on a nice and controlled eccentric lowering of the weight, then push up the weight by first contracting the muscles in your chest. It’s important to ensure you are always engaging all the muscles in the chest with this exercise. Once you squeeze out that last rep, put the weights down safely, then immediately move over to the floor to complete the plyometric clapping push up.

C2. Clapping Push Up

Reps: 16

Sets: 2

Rest: 60 seconds

Tempo: 10X0

Coaching cues: the clapping push up is going to be a tough one, especially since your chest muscles are already tired and jacked. Let’s go. Complete 16 reps with good form. Focus on keeping your core strong to maintain a flat back, then explode up. If you’re like me and felt like you wanted to quit at 10 reps, keep it going. When you keep your mind focused on completing 16 reps, you’ll find the strength to keep going. Awesome job. Take a 60 second break, then repeat the chest superset one more time.

Cardio Abs Superset D:

D1. Jump Rope Combo

Reps: 60 seconds

Sets: 2

Rest: 0 seconds

Tempo: N/A

Coaching cues: we’re now moving on to the final cardio and abs superset portion of the workout. First up is a jump
rope combo for 60 seconds. If you’re a beginner to jump rope, you can simply complete the speed jump rope exercise for 60 exercises. However, if you are more experienced with the jumping rope, and want a higher intensity combination, feel free to complete a combo of alternate foot step jump rope, jump rope crossovers, high knees jump rope, double unders jump rope. Do whatever it takes to get your heart rate pumping for 60 seconds. Remember, to get the incredible results that few have, you have to do what few people are willing to do. So let’s go. Keep the intensity high. Once the 60 seconds is up, move right into the core portion of the cardio and abs superset.

D2. Push Up With Alternating Dumbbell Renegade Row

Reps: 6 reps/arm

Sets: 2

Rest: 60 seconds

Tempo: 1010

Coaching cues: the push up with alternating dumbbell renegade row is one of my favorite exercises for overall core strength and stability, as well as further burning out the chest muscles. With this renegade row variation, you’re also completing 2 push ups for every full rep of the renegade row. Complete 6 reps of the renegade row per arm. Focus on contracting your abs to make sure you keep your hips straight with the ground, while also really engaging your back during the row. After completing all the reps, take a 60 second break and repeat it one more time.

There you go.

Hopefully you enjoyed that 45 minute full body superset workout to build muscle and burn fat.

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