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How Your Style Changes After Transforming Your Body


Did Our Wardrobe Change After Body Recomposition?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re answering a viewer question who asked how your style changes after transforming your body.

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 023.

toddler24 on Snapchat asks:

When you were finally finished with your body recomposition, did you find yourself trying on or buying clothes you never thought you would before?


How Your Style Changes After Transforming Your Body

Jess: Totally.

However, when are you ever finished?

There is no such thing as being finished.

I feel like I’m still not finished.

There’s always things you can improve about your body, whether it’s your flexibility or your strength.

It’s not always aesthetic.

I would say when I got to a point where I was like, “damn I look good” aesthetically, I definitely went shopping and started wearing tighter things, and being a little more of a showoff with my body than I would before.

Before transforming my body, I was always really concerned about my cellulite and my belly rolls.

I would wear looser clothes that would hide my body type.

Then once I started looking better, I felt more confident in tank tops, tube tops, and short shorts.

In my early 20’s you could say I got sluttier, I guess 😆.

However, now that I’m a mom, I’m back to the big clothes.

Brad: I always get questions from guys about where I buy my t-shirts because my arms are always snug and tight in the t-shirts.

Guys, it’s not the t-shirts, the key is to actually have biceps.

If you want t-shirts that fit you, fill it out you arms with bigger shoulders and triceps, not just biceps.

Jess: Yeah, it’s not a special t-shirt.

Oh you know what the other thing is, your jeans fit differently.

When I started lifting and squatting and doing all the leg exercises, my legs transformed to where my pants would be too loose at the top.

I would always have this extra space in the back of my waistband.

I started having to wear belts, which I never did before.


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