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How to Build a Sustainable Fitness Routine For Lifelong Health


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The Key To Sustainable Fitness: Motivational Minute Ep. 014

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a motivational talk on how to build a sustainable fitness routine for lifelong health.

This is episode 014 in my Motivational Minute series.

Next time you’re trying to figure out what to do next, ask yourself this.


What is the “why” behind what you’re doing?

If you’ve been training for two to three months in the gym, however after all that time, you still absolutely hate it, maybe it’s time to try another style of fitness.

I repeat, “after trying it for at least two to three months“, not days.

I Used To Be Terrified Going To The Gym

When I first walked into my college gym, I was terrified and completely out of my comfort zone.

Brad Gouthro before Live Lean TV

I felt out of place and could feel all eyes were on me, judging me, and laughing at my weak lifts.

However, I didn’t quit after the first or second week.

Eventually, after a few months of consistently showing up, even when I didn’t want to, I started to see the results in the mirror and, more importantly, the results in my self confidence.

Going to the gym is now one of my favorite parts of the day.

However, let’s be real.

Fitness Is Not A One Size Fits All Activity

If you still hate lifting weights and sprinting after two to three months, maybe it’s time to listen to your inner guidance system, and decide that your actions in the gym are off purpose, since you are not enjoying it.

Maybe you could try switching the gym for:

Or you could just simply change up the training style at the gym, from bodybuilder style workouts to more athletic and metabolic style workouts.

Ultimately I recommend you find a mentor that is getting the results that you want, then reverse engineer how they achieved what they did.

You could do this by hiring them as a coach or buying their fitness program.

How I Hired My First Fitness Coach

That’s exactly what I did back in 2010.

I googled something like “world’s rippest male”, then I did some background checks on the results.

I ended up contacting one of the guys in the Google results, then I paid him a lot of money to hire him as my coach, even though he lived all the way across the continent.

Think about it.

This was in 2010, when online fitness coaching wasn’t really a thing.

However, taking that action step, and putting my hard earned money into the game, is a huge reason why I am where I am today.

Bottom Line On Sustainable Fitness

I believe health and fitness should be a part of everyone’s journey and purpose in life.

However, you must first figure out the style of fitness you love, then work it into your daily behaviors to make it a sustainable habit.

At first, you may not enjoy the steps.

However after a few months, you’ll begin to see results, and more than likely, that activity will grow on you.

If not, just try another version of fitness until you find something that brings joy to your life.

Once you’re clear on the style of fitness you’ll actually enjoy doing, it’ll then become a sustainable habit in your life.

Here’s Your Next Step: Think And Live Lean

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