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Top 6 Douchey Things Guys Do At The Gym

Don’t Be A Gym Douche

On today’s funny episode of Live Lean TV, we’re sharing the top 6 douchey things guys do at the gym.

If you go to the gym regularly, I’m sure you have seen this guy.

We like to call him the “Gym Douche”.

You know that guy who always:

  • Is completely disrespectful to every other person in the gym
  • Acts like he owns the place
  • Gets a sub-par workout in

Don’t be this guy.

Top 6 Douchey Things Guys Do At The Gym

In today’s funny video, Jeremy Reid from, helps us highlight the top 6 douchey things guys do at the gym.

If you catch yourself doing any of these things in the gym, you could be the gym douche.

#1. You Are Always Being Slimy With The Ladies

The gym is not a night club.

Most women who train at the gym are trying to actually workout, not find a date.

Be respectful and leave them alone.

Especially if they did not ask you for a spot or to help them with their form.

If you catch yourself saying any of the following, you could be the gym douche:

  • “Hey girl, come on back here!”
  • “What’s up girl? You’re looking good.”
  • “Are you prepping for a show or something, because you are working hard.”
  • “Do you feel that, there’s a lot of hard things in the gym right now.”
  • “Hey, let me know if you need a spot, cutie, I’m always here to help.”
  • “Hey, what’s up girl, let me help you with your form.”
  • “Oh yeah, squeeze it hard.”
  • “Where’s that chick?”
  • “See you later cutie.”

#2. You Are The Selfie King

The gym douche is usually the guy that can’t get enough of himself.

He’s always talking to himself in the mirror, and refers to himself as the king and a beast.

He also hogs the mirror to take way to many selfies, while yelling out loud #sexy.

After he takes the photos he then yells at people to come see, “how damn good he looks”.

#3. You Are An Excessively Loud Grunter And Talker

Let’s be real, making a little bit of noise while you’re training is a good thing, since it usually means you’re working hard.

However, unnecessary loud grunts, yelling “Light weight!”, or yelling out your rep counts, just to draw attention to yourself, is quite douchey.

Control your volume.

Lastly, if you need to order your extra large, double pepperoni, double cheese, double sauce pizza with extra bacon, while finishing up your bicep curls, use your inside voice, even if they screwed up your order last time.

#4. You Are An Equipment Hog That Never Shares Equipment Or Re-racks Their Weights

You could be the gym douche if you spend more time texting about your epic workout, rather than actually having an epic workout.

During your very long text message, or your epic drop set, you also refuse to share the equipment with others.

It’s usually good gym etiquette to allow someone else to work in with you, especially if you:

  • Are on a rest period
  • Have 17 more sets to go
  • Are using all 5 pairs of dumbbells for your #KillerDropSet


  • You don’t own the gym
  • The person who wants to work in is not trying to ruin your workout
  • It’s not the end of the world if it “ruins your rhythm”.
  • Don’t tell someone to use resistance bands or do burpees instead of working in with you.

After you are done with your drop set, it’s essential to re-rack your weights before you leave the gym.

It’s important to never leave a mess for others to clean up after you.

#5. You Interrupt Other People

It’s rude to ask someone to spot you, when you clearly can see they are in the middle of their set.

If you really need a spot, wait until that person has finished their own set.

Lastly, don’t ask a women to spot you on inappropriate body parts, even if your “glutes are on fire”.

#6. You Give Unsolicited Bad Advice To Others

Don’t be that guy who tells other people mirror muscles are the only ones that count.

You could be the gym douche if you ever catch yourself saying:

  • “Bro, what are you doing working these sissy muscles man?”
  • “If you’re ever going to get the pregnant girl in the gym, you have to work the mirror muscles. I’m talking about the biceps, chest, and shoulders brother.”
  • “This is the best relationship advice man, I’m trying to get you laid.”

Don’t listen to him.

Only take advice from certified professional trainers or people who are getting the results you would like to emulate.

What A Douche!

Thanks for check out this video post on the top 6 douchey things guys do at the gym.

I hope you enjoyed it, had some laughs, and learned what not to do in the gym.

Please know, we don’t mean to offend anyone.

For best results with your own fitness, please respect the rules of the gym, and follow smart gym etiquette.

Don’t be that gym guy known as the gym douche.

Be a nice guy.

Thanks for watching and keep Living Lean.

Big Thanks To Jeremy Reid

Jeremy Reid is a good friend of ours, and in real life, is not a gym douche at all.

Just like Jessica, Jeremy is an amazing online fitness coach who specializes in cases of extreme weight loss transformation.

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He also had an amazing body transformation.

To find out more information about Jeremy, you follow him on YouTube.

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