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Hilarious Mistakes Girls Make in The Gym


Hilarious Mistakes Girls Make in the Gym :

On today’s episode, we’re highlighting 5 common mistakes girls make in the gym and how you can avoid them.

Have you waisted some of your time in the gym?

Don’t make these 5 mistakes if you’re serious about results

You can spend less time in the gym and see results much faster if you follow this advice.

All 5 of these mistakes can lead to frustration and disappointment.

But by following these simple tips you can slash the time you spend in the gym and increase your results

In this video Gigi makes all the common mistakes that lead to gym frustration.

She spends time complaining and chatting about her weekend, flirting with the hot trainer at the front desk instead of focused on the work to be done. She also believes cardio is the answer to poor food choices.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet, and while it’s good to be social at the gym, make sure you don’t just complain the whole time, use positive language and focus on what you can accomplish in the future instead of using workouts to make up for previous bad choices.

She does hundreds of reps with little to no resistance thinking “the burn” is what’s going to get results, and if she doesn’t see results then she must need more reps or time in the gym.

More does not equal better. You do not need to be in the gym 2 hours to get a good workout done. Focus on intensity of muscle contractions rather than count of reps.

She chooses the wrong types of exercises (ones that only work small muscle groups) and does them sloppy with poor posture, while talking on the phone or totally distracted, and also has no idea what to do next or for how long her workout will be.

If you’re not following a program then why not?! Following a professionally designed workout program is the best way to use your gym time efficiently and get the results that the program is designed for. Check out our library of programs or join TeamLiveLean for a brand new program every 4 weeks.

She shy’s away from heavy weights for fear of getting bulky, even though she doesn’t feel fatigue after her given number of reps.

Lifting heavy weights does NOT make women bulky. Females simply do not have the same amount of testosterone that guys have therefore it’s much harder for us to build and maintain muscle mass. Without enough stimulation to your muscles your shape will stay the same.

She breezes through her reps without feeling the muscles contract, focusing on number of reps completed and taking selfies instead of results.

If she did her reps slower with more concentration and effort on each contraction she’d be able to do much fewer reps, saving time and energy.

She complains to her trainer, has a bad attitude towards hard work and expects results overnight.

Your trainer is a paid professional who knows what you need to do to get to your results. Trust your trainer and do what they have programed for you. Also allow enough time to assess whether the program is working for you. Most often changes are seen around 6-8 weeks of dedication and focus on a program. Give it time!

Hope this video made you laugh a little and has inspired you to step up your gym game and get more serious about results.

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