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4 Worst Booty Training Mistakes


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If you have been training your booty for a while and are frustrated with a lack of results, these could be the reasons.

It’s very common for women to train HARD in the gym and really work their tail off to get awesome booty results, but then either 1) cause injury, or 2) see results in the wrong areas, like maybe stronger quads, thicker thighs, etc.. instead of actually toning their booty like they intended to.

Here are some of the things that could be going wrong if you have been training your booty and NOT loving the results you see

4 Worst Booty Training Mistakes:

  1. Squatting with your Knees instead of your Hips – You’ll know because your heels lift off the ground and you feel it more in your thighs and quads instead of your butt.
  2. Rounding Back – Allowing your back to round during glute exercises reduces the amount of hip flexion and extension, which therefore reduces the amount of glute activation you can get from the move. It also places lots of unnecessary stress on your lower back which is a naturally sensitive area. Keep your lower back flat and tight during all glute exercises.
  3. Shallow Depth – the glutes are a large muscle group and they require a deep range of motion for full activation and development. If you only go halfway down in your squats, lunges, and deadlifts, you’re missing half the benefits. Go low enough till you feel a stretch in your glutes, then press through the heel to contract your glutes and rise up.
  4. Duck Tail – this is a combo between forward leaning and rounding the back. Not only is it dangerous for your lower back, but also for your knees, and it does little to benefit your glutes. Instead of dropping this low, work on sitting back on your heels, pushing your glutes out behind you as if you’re reaching to sit in a chair. Removing the ducktail will help keep you safe and give you better booty results.

It’s really important to train with proper form. First, it gives you better results, and secondly it keeps you safe from injuries and setbacks that could make you feel discouraged and give up your training all together.

Don’t take your form too lightly. – It’s more important than any other factor of your training.

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