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10 Ways to Workout Without the Gym

Think you can’t get fit without a gym membership?

There are hundreds of ways to get fit without ever stepping foot in a gym. Here’s our Top 10

10 Ways to Workout Without the Gym

If you HATE going to the gym, that’s okay! Don’t go!

As you know if you’ve been following us for a while, order we LOVE to go to the gym. For us training at the gym has been the most effective and efficient way to see transformation in our bodies. But it’s certainly not the ONLY physical activity we do, and there are so many other activities we do outside of the gym that are equally as important to staying lean and living the lean lifestyle as going to the gym is.

Sometimes people get the wrong impression that we live in the gym and it’s the exclusive way to Live Lean.

There is so much more to living lean than being a gym rat!

One of the most important things with exercise is finding something you enjoy so you’ll continue to do it for years and decades to come.

Please don’t be one of those miserable faced gym rats that shows up to the gym everyday to go through the motions. You’ll get better results with your physical fitness when you do something you’re passionate about!

So check out our top 10 ways to get fit without the gym.


01 bike

You can use your bike to commute or just go for a long ride somewhere scenic. Get fresh air and exercise.

02 stairs

Not just up and down, but get more creative with hops, pushups etc..

03 stadium

Mix it up with single steps, double steps, triple steps. Do it in intervals of going up fast and coming down slow.

04 sport

Whichever is your fave. Join a team or play on your own.

05 play

Get out to the backyard or park, chase each other around

06 swim
If you don’t have one then join a rec center or public pool.

07 tabata
Follow our tabata videos on YouTube. No equipment necessary!

08 yoga
Just need a yoga mat, excellent for recovery days.

09 hike
Get outside and hike a mountain or hill, enjoy the views from the top. Throw in some tree pull ups if you like.

10 dance

You don’t have to be a great dancer, just put on some music and groove!

Bottom line, do something that makes you feel good! If you feel good you’re going to want to keep doing it and consistency is everything with living lean

If you do want a more structured workout plan we’ve got tons of them! Check out our store page and our Team site where we publish a brand new plan every 4 weeks.

Thanks for reading and, KEEP Living Lean!

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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