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What Are Some Compound Exercises That Work The Glutes?


Glute Contraction Tips For Beginners

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re answering a viewer question who asked, what are some great exercises that work the glutes, as well as sharing beginner tips on how to contract your glutes properly.

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 022.

@dex2real on Snapchat asks:

What are some great exercises that work the gluteal muscles?


What Are Some Compound Exercises That Work The Glutes?

Jess: Oh, the gluteal muscles.

If you didn’t already know, I have a whole program specifically for the gluteal muscles called, Build A Butt 2.0.

Build A Butt 2.0 Live Lean TV

You can do this glute workout program from home.

I was hearing from so many people that they wanted to do a glute workout program at home, but they didn’t have access to weights.

Therefore I made Build A Butt 2.0, which is a bodyweight friendly workout program that you can do from absolutely anywhere.

You can also take these workouts to the gym and add weights if you want to.

However, all the exercises can be done in your living room or bedroom, and they all target the glutes.

Gym Glute Workout Program: Build A Butt Extreme

4 Best Compound Exercises For The Glute Muscles

Jess: All the best exercises are in that program, however off the top of my head, my top 3 favorite compound exercises that work the glutes are:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Hip Thrusts, also known as a Glute Bridge
  4. Deadlifts

Brad: I would also throw in some deadlifts as well.

Jess: Yeah, those are definitely good and they are in the program as well.

How To Contract Your Glutes Properly

Brad: However, when it comes to glute training, the thing you really need to focus on is contracting your glutes throughout the movement.

A lot of times when people are doing glute exercises, they’re just going through the motions and not actually contracting the targeted muscle.

You’re not focusing on what muscle you want to hit.

For example, when you are coming up in a barbell back squat, you do not need to explosively thrust your hips forward, however when you do come forward, it’s important to tighten up your glutes.

It’s the same thing with the barbell deadlift.

Think about contracting your glutes when you are coming up.

Jess: It’s kind of funny, because when working out, the glutes are the easiest muscle to forget about and not contract.

This is because the glutes are not a mirror muscle like your pecs or biceps, since they’re behind you and you don’t really see them contracting when exercising.

Based on this, a lot of people forget to contract their glutes during their exercises.

Regardless of which exercise you choose, it’s always important to actually create tension in the muscle by flexing.


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