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9 Chain Restaurant Desserts Under 400 Calories

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Best Restaurant Desserts That Won’t Blow Your Calories

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 9 chain restaurant desserts under 400 calories, that won’t blow your calories.

That’s right, I’ve visited the top 5 most popular casual dining chain restaurants to see if I could find any dessert options under 400 calories.

Why did I do this?

Well, most of us love dessert.

However, let’s be honest.

The Idea Of Dessert Is Kind Of Crazy

A dessert is usually a calorie filled meal, immediately consumed after another big meal.

Most of the time the amount of calories in the dessert is actually higher than the main course.

However, I get it.

Most people like to have something sweet after a meal.

Fortunately as a kid growing up, my family never ate dessert at home.

We also rarely ordered dessert at restaurants.

How To Make A Healthy Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Due to this upbringing, I’m not really a big lover of desserts.

However, I realize just a small percentage of you may like desserts.

Ok, probably a lot of you actually like dessert.

Should You Always Skip Dessert?

Does this mean you can’t have dessert while eating out?

More often than not, I’d say skip the dessert.

However, everyone once in a while, like a cheat meal, a dessert can be enjoyed.

Be careful because desserts are usually loaded with calories!

With that in mind, I decided to visit the top 5 most popular casual dining restaurants, to see if I could find any dessert options under 400 calories.

5 High Calorie vs Low Calorie Meals From Chain Restaurants

Do you think I had any luck?

Let’s find out.

9 Chain Restaurant Desserts Under 400 Calories

Here are the top 5 highest selling chain restaurants.

Do any of them have a dessert under 400 calories?

Let’s see.

Restaurant #5: Chili’s


Unfortunately, Chili’s did not have any dessert options under 400 calories.

The lowest calorie dessert option at Chili’s was a 750 calorie cheesecake.

Yes, 750 calories for your after dinner meal.


Restaurant #4: Red Lobster

Sorry, nothing.

Unfortunately, Red Lobster did not have any dessert options under 400 calories.

The lowest calorie dessert option at Red Lobster was a 580 calorie key lime pie.

That’s not as bad as the 750 calorie cheesecake from Chili’s, but come on.

For some people 580 calories is 1/3 of the calories they require in a day.

Imagine consuming all those calories in one piece of pie.


Restaurant #3: Applebees


Fortunately, Applebees did have a dessert option under 400 calories.

I want you to check out Applebee’s Dessert Shooter Strawberry Cheesecake.

Dessert Shooter Strawberry Cheesecake Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 390
  • Protein: 6g
  • Carbohydrates: 38g
  • Fat: 24g

It may not be the best macronutrient breakdown, but from just a calorie standpoint, it’s actually a decent option, if you have a sweet tooth.

Restaurant #2: Olive Garden


Fortunately, Olive Garden did have a dessert option under 400 calories.

I want you to check out Olive Garden’s Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Chocolate Mousse Cake Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 370
  • Protein: 5g
  • Carbohydrates: 42g
  • Fat: 21g

Olive Garden Dolcini Mini Desserts

Olive Garden also provides the 5 under 400 calorie dessert options from the Dolcini Mini Dessert menu.

I love the idea of offering these smaller desserts:

  • Chocolate Mousse
    • Calories: 290
  • Limoncello Mousse
    • Calories: 270
  • Strawberry And White Chocolate Cake
    • Calories: 190
  • Amaretto Tiramisu
    • Calories: 220
  • Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream
    • Calories: 260

They also have a Kids Sundae which is under 400 calories.

All of these Olive Garden desserts are under 400 calories, which is just big enough to fulfill the sweet tooth, but not big enough in calories to blow you into fat storing mode.

Don’t be too shy to order from the kids menu.

The cool kids are doing it.

Restaurant #1: IHOP

I have to admit, I was surprised that IHOP was a success.

I want you to check out IHOP’s Ice Cream Sundae with Hot Fudge.

Ice Cream Sundae with Hot Fudge Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 380
  • Protein: 6g
  • Carbohydrates: 47g
  • Fat: 19g

Or, check out the Ice Cream Sundae with Strawberry Topping.

This was the best overall dessert option from all the chain restaurants.

Ice Cream Sundae with Strawberry Topping Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 310
  • Protein: 6g
  • Carbohydrates: 30g
  • Fat: 19g

Bottom line.

Order A Dessert, But Portion It Out

If you need to, order a dessert on occasion, but portion it out.

You can portion out your dessert by:

  • splitting the dessert with the person you’re with
  • ordering the dessert from the kids menu
  • as soon as the waiter puts the dessert on the table, cut it in half, then ask the waiter to take the rest away, but don’t bring it home.

This will help you reduce all temptations.

While you’re Living Lean, it’s not about depriving ourselves.

Living Lean is about making smarter choices.

Most times after your meal, a nice soothing tea is all you need to fix the sweet tooth cravings.

6 Tips To Stop Cravings For Sweets And Junk Food At Night

Give these tips a try the next time you’re craving a gut blasting dessert.

You can thank me later.

Wondering What We Eat At Restaurants?

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19 responses to “9 Chain Restaurant Desserts Under 400 Calories

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  2. As a diabetic that avoids desserts, and one that lives in the UK, none of
    that video applied….but just shows how dodgy desserts can have those
    hidden calories

  3. Thanks for the tips. Honestly, none of those options are worth eating. If
    you can change your eating habits to live lean, then you can on your
    desserts as well. I used to eat whatever sweet thing was offered. Now I
    am picky. I will only do desserts if it is homemade or something
    incredibly special. Just because it’s under 400 calories doesn’t mean it’s
    worth eating. You never need to eat it. When you get your portions
    figured out for all your meals and your body has had time to adjust to
    those portion amounts, then I rarely have room for a dessert anyway. Make
    it worth it, not just cause it’s there. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Brad, the lifesaver 🙂
    Thanks to you I started living paleo lifestyle and I’ve never been in a
    better shape and felt energized at the same time. I do cheat occasionally
    with lots of non-paleo stuff but hey, that’s why it’s a cheat, right!
    Anyway, great video as usual, and very informative. One question though,
    I’m not sure if it’s a practice in US restaurants to serve crepes as
    dessert, but here in Europe most of the restaurants offer it with a filling
    of jam, chocolate or walnuts and honey. My favorite is the walnuts and
    honey of course and my question is what do you think of this as a possible
    restaurant treat dessert? (one medium sized crepe is the standard serving)

  5. Could not agree with you more… Skip the dessert I went out for a meal
    with the wife over the weekend and I had a big meal and I had n apple pie
    but the wife had a chocolate cake and I had half of it… I put on 4 pounds
    and I’m training and dieting harder the last two days just to get it back
    off… Big no no for me from now on… Lol

  6. In most restaurant I´ve been too (which is a lot), they have almost always
    some kind of ice cream or sorbet, with “only” one or two scoops… which
    will lead to a desert under 400 calories…. and some have a kind of fruit
    platter, which is a good option!

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