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How to Eat Out and Stay Lean

How to Eat Out and Stay Lean

If you think you have to sacrifice eating out and enjoying life to stay lean, let me explain to you how we do it!

Let’s talk about eating out. Eating out is fun! and since so many people get the false impression that it’s impossible to live lean while eating out, I felt the need to clarify this on video today.

I’ll give you some tricks and tips for how Brad and I manage to eat our favorite foods, even dirty ones like pizza, burgers, and drinks, and still maintain low body fat percentage all year around.

Yes! It’s 100% possible to enjoy yourself, socialize, drink alcohol, and eat out at restaurants AND stay lean 365 day a year.

What people think getting lean means:
– No more eating out
– Eating only plain boiled chicken and broccoli, protein shakes, and bland salads every day.
– Give up Alcohol and Fun forever
– Employ super strong will power to cut out sugar completely
– Hibernate in your apartment and never hang out with friends who may be bad influence on your goals.
– Spend your whole weekend preparing bland foods and packing in tupperware container for the week.

Versus Reality:
What really happens when you are Living Lean, is simply a that you eat healthy and exercise MOST OF THE TIME. You don’t have to be 100% perfect with your food and workouts, you just have to get it right the vast majority of the time.

Most of your meals are likely eaten solo, which means You have control over most of your choices, portions and types without being judged or influenced by others.
If you can use these one-on-one meals to really focus in on your goals, eat lean meats, veggies, and healthy fats IN THE RIGHT QUANTITIES, then going out to eat, or social eating situations, even if it’s up to 3x per week should NOT have any effect on your results.
Think about it. In general people eat around 5 meals per day. Three significant meals and 1-2 snacks. That means in just one week you are having 35 meals.

If 3 of those are unhealthy or over-sized, that’s still just 8% of your total weeks meals, leaving 92% healthy & right-sized meals! If you just eat out once per week it’s only 3% of your weeks worth of meals, which means you ate healthy & goal-oriented 97% of the time.

To us the key to living lean is maintaining a life balance that is both focused, dedicated, consistent with our vision, yet also fun, relaxed, social and enjoyable.

IF you are in the situation where eating out is a part of your job.. say you have work dinners every night of the week.. Then here’s what you can do to order healthier & smarter at restaurants to get Live Lean quality food when you’re out.

Tip 1 – narrow your decisions. If you look at a restaurant menu and you can just automatically rule out the high carb, high fat, unhealthy ingredient options right away it makes it easier to order with confidence. What you do want to be looking for is some meal that is based around a 1) protein source 2) vegetables 3) healthy fats. – you can include some type of grain or bread with it too, but don’t let that be the majority of the meal.

Tip 2 – Ask for what you want EVEN IF IT’s NOT on the MENU – These days restaurants are becoming more flexible than ever. They understand a lot of people have gluten allergies or other intolerances so menu’s are becoming more conscious of this. But it’s also ALWAYS an option to make special requests. If they say no, you can choose to go to another restaurant, or you can make the best out of whatever they do offer. You are NOT obligated to eat what anyone else wants you to eat. You can also ask for no cheese, no dressing, no nuts, etc.. to instantly bring the calories down on any meal.

Tip 3 – Stick to Water. Unsweetened tea, or sparkling water are also good non-caloric choices. You can have a fancy high calorie beverage every once in a while but if it’s every day and every night those calories and that sugar can really add up quick! Make it a rule that 9 times out of 10 you will order a non-caloric beverage. If you can order water 9 times in a row, then go ahead and have that margarita on the 10th order! As long as it’s in-frequent enough it will not sabotage your ability to live lean.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and will put them to use if you must eat out more than 3x per week. and if you’re eating out less than that then don’t even worry about it.

One Warning though! Don’t neglect the Energy Balance!!! One thing I do have to emphasize and clarify though is that even if you’re eating all your meals at home, and even if they are all made of healthy choices, you could still be in a caloric surplus or deficit that would lead to unwanted weight gain or weight loss – so don’t neglect the practice of properly portioning for YOUR body and YOUR goals.
Brad and I are strong believers that a cheat meal here and there is GOOD FOR YOU and can help you cruise in live lean mode forever without any feelings of deprivation ever. For more info on how to do cheat meals right check out this post: 6 Cheat Meal Rules to Fire Up Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat

I’d like to know – How many times do you eat out per week, and do you use any of these tips?

Thanks for watching! and KEEP living lean

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Thanks for watching this episode and KEEP, living lean!


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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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