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Massage Ball 101

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode I’m showing you a simple tool that can quickly help you significantly reduce pain in your body and improve muscle function without spending thousands of dollars on a physical therapist.

So in my last video, I shared a personal story about the only serious injury that I’ve ever suffered from working out.

But this one injury was enough of a red flag for me to then take my mobility training and recovery more seriously.

Yes, Living Lean is about being strong, athletic, and rocking lean muscle and low body fat all year long. But like I say, good luck maintaining that for life with achy and painful knees, elbows, shoulders, and a jacked up back.

So after my injury, I had to take several weeks off from lifting. But rather than sitting on my butt doing nothing, I focused on learning new ways to help my body recover better.

What Are Trigger Points?

I spent thousands of dollars on various types of physical therapy like deep tissue massage. And they all said the same thing about my body. The strong connective tissue that wraps around the muscles in your body, called myofascia, was very tight and the binding was creating knots in my muscles.

I usually call these knots trigger points because they’re super tender, which shortens the range of motion of the muscle, and reduces strength and endurance. To get rid of them, they often require pressure to release them.

And the one common tool most of these practitioners recommended to help increase blood circulation, improve my range of motion, and ultimately create a healthier, and higher performing body was massage balls.

Massage Ball Love

So if you don’t have the money or time to invest in getting a deep tissue massage from a physical therapist, these massage balls are a more affordable and less time consuming option.

I’ve been using these deep tissue massage balls from Ultimate Body Press.

They’re similar to a foam roller but I find these massage balls get deeper and hit the trigger points of tight areas better, just like you would get in a deep tissue massage.

If you used a lacrosse ball for deep tissue, you’ll notice it’s very hard and often times very painful.

These massage balls have differing levels of pressure and come in different sizes so you can hit certain areas of your body better.

How To Use A Massage Ball

1. Roll around 4-5 inches of the muscle tissue, moving up and down around the knot for 30-60 seconds to break up the binding of the myofasia and connective tissues.

2. Once you find a tender spot, slow it down and stick it on the spot for 15-90 seconds, ensuring that you’re breathing deeply through it.

3. Once the trigger point is released, move on to another area.

Massage Ball Benefits

Once again, deep tissue massage balls help improve muscle function, joint alignment, and increases circulation and the nervous system response in that area to reduce and eliminate pain.

After you’ve completed rolling out your body, and removed the trigger points, then you can stretch the muscles.

Bottom line

You have one body.

Think of these massage ball sessions as part of your tune up, just like you do with your vehicle.

Too much tension and pulling on your joints creates wear and tear on your cartilage.

Focus on adding mobility sessions to your overall workout routine to put the final touches on your temple, your body.

Live Lean Approved Deep Tissue Massage Balls

Massage Balls

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I also have a complete massage ball mobility workout in my Live Lean Mobility video training program.

I show you step-by-step how to hit all the trigger points in your body, in just 10 minutes.

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Thanks for watching and keep, Living Lean.

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