My BIG 2013 Goal – What Are Yours? #LLTV


Live Sexy Lean in 2013

2013 Is The Year Of Living Lean – My 2012 Accomplishments

Hey Live Leaners,

2013 is here…and guess what?

2013 IS the year of living lean. Have you set your goals yet? Do you know how to set goals?

In today’s Live Lean TV show, I share with you my BIG 2013 goal and reflect on my 2012 accomplishments. Big thanks to each and everyone of you for helping me achieve my 2012 accomplishments.

I also share with you the types of goals I make, how I record them, and why it’s important to follow this process.

As mentioned in the video:

PAPERBACK: Awaken The Abs Within:
DIGITAL: Awaken The Abs Within:
KINDLE: How To Lose Fat & Build Lean Muscle:
DIGITAL: Live Lean Afterburn:


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Questions For You:

– What are your big 2013 goals?

– What were your 2012 accomplishments?


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The Afterburn Effect Workout



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0 responses to “My BIG 2013 Goal – What Are Yours? #LLTV

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  2. Hey Brad! The team and I are brain storming some of the things we’d like to see on LLTV 2013 and this is what we’ve come up with:
    1. More tabata’s that we can do in an office setting – so don’t require ladders and other equipment. We aim to do one tabata per day as a team before we have lunch.
    2. Some short circuits, say up to 20 min, that we could also do in the lunch break, and again don’t require equipment.
    3. Ideas for quick easy lunches that we can make as a team when we have team lunch days.
    We also wondered if there was a forum or space on your website where other live leaners can chat to each other as you suggest?
    Otherwise just keep up the great work! And thanks for motivating me and my team 🙂

  3. 40p/40c/20f has worked for me in the past…but i know follow a more 40p/20c/40f as it has really helped curb cravings and tighten up further.

  4. I agree with what @sreenisatish said. your glycogen storage is limited. anything over and over can be stored as fat. just like any calorie.

  5. Congratulations on a great year Brad, look forward to more live lean TV, would be great to see more healthy snack options, and meals that are easy to take to work, my latest vlog details my new year resolutions and goals

  6. also i have really enjoyed your channel since discovering it about a month or so ago – glad to hear that i can look forward to it for many more years. CONGRATULATIONS ON 2012 :))) and 2013 will be bigger and better!

  7. hi brad what about how to get to doing 100 pushups in a row for a girl? on toes.
    I would also like to work on doing unassisted pull ups, unassisted chin ups, and 100 burpees (the one with a pushup) at the end.

  8. Some basic examples of healthy, finance friendly snack foods, on the go foods, and meals would be much appreciated! I’m trying to find meals that my mother will love as well, and so far she only likes spaghetti squash and your turkey burgers. Healthy food isn’t valued much where I live, so I’m always trying to find new health foods and recipes wherever I can find them. Any tips you provide are always appreciated though. Congrats on the accomplishments. I wish you luck in the coming year.

  9. Anything in excess – i.e. what the body does not require for its functions at that point, will finally be stored as fat. Yes, even excess protein will be stored as fat. There are fats that are metabolized for energy and there are fats that are stored. Try to stick to natural and pure fats like almonds, avocados etc.

  10. wow congrats on your accomplishments in 2012 and hope your goals for 2013 come true! my goal for this year is to get a 4 pack. I lost 30 pounds last year, now its time to tone up. I would like to see videos of how to attain a tone body. Also, see videos of how to make a quick meal on the go since im a full time student and have a full time job. thanks.

  11. wowww That is sick….love it, love it….
    Brad sugestion if you can give us a video for people that need to lose more than 100 pounds..Big thing for me 🙁 weight is not just carry this horrible mass is pain to make every move. So my goal will be for this year lose 5 pounds per month. Thanks for any reply.

  12. @bradgouthro it would be awesome if you could do a video on the basics and getting started to make a transformation of eating healthy and getting fit

  13. Develop my yoga positions, recover from Anorexia, drink only water (so no soft drink, diet drinks, etc), become more flexible, eat clean more consistently and eat treats in moderation.

  14. YOU’RE A BOSS BRAD ! Congrats on your accomplishments and I hope you do well on your future goals as well. I will succeed in my goals because of your awesome videos 🙂 THANKS!!!

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