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How To Do A Judo Push Up


Judo Push Up Exercise Demonstration:

Live Lean Nation, on today’s exercise demonstration, I’m showing you how to do a judo push up.

The judo push up, also called the divebomber push up or the hindu push up, is an excellent variation of the push up.

Muscles Targeted:

Primary muscle:

Secondary muscle:

Required Equipment:

How To Do A Judo Push Up:


Watch the judo push up exercise demonstration video above.

  1. To start, get in a push up position with your hands below your shoulders.
  2. Move your hands and feet closer to each other by raising your hips so your body forms an upside down V.
  3. On the descent of the push up, bend your elbows while keeping your hips raised, until your chin is close to the ground.
  4. Then swoop your head up while your hips drop close to the ground.
  5. Reverse and repeat.

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