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How To Increase Absorption Of Vitamins And Minerals From Vegetables

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Can You Digest Vitamins And Minerals Without Fat?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re sharing how to increase absorption of vitamins and minerals from vegetables.

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 019.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

Matthew Laycock on YouTube says:

Can you still digest vitamins and minerals from veggies if you don’t have it with fat? Are there any health risks to having too much fat even if they are healthy fats?

How To Increase Absorption Of Vitamins And Minerals From Vegetables

Brad: Vitamin A, D, E, and K are considered fat-soluble vitamins.

When you eat foods containing these fat-soluble vitamins, you need to have a dietary fat source with it for your body to properly absorb it.

Minerals are primarily water-soluble, therefore do not require a fat source.

However, certain minerals may exhibit better absorption in the presence of fat.

This is what he referring to in his question.

Jess: I definitely recommend eating balanced meals. Therefore I wouldn’t usually eat a meal or snack with only vegetables, and no fat or protein source.

Would you ever just only vegetables?

Brad: No I wouldn’t.

There’s always some source of fat with everything we eat.

Whether it’s the olive oil in salad dressing, coconut oil, avocado oil, nuts, or meat

You won’t see me sitting down eating only raw broccoli or plain celery.

Jess: This is why you need to have balanced meals, because all three macronutrients have work together and have synergy between them.

This is why you shouldn’t eat a carbohydrate only meal or a fat only meal.

I know some people recommend certain food pairings.

For example, before your workout you only eat protein and carbohydrates.

Brad: Yeah, there are some arguments to that approach, as well.

Jess: However, I believe for most people in general, a balanced meal, every time, is going to be a good bet.

Brad: For people who are not professional bodybuilders, they should focus first on having healthy real food, rather than overcomplicating it with all the other stuff.

Jess: Yes, don’t overcomplicate it.

Brad: The other question was, is there any risk of having too much fat?

Yes, even if it is healthy fat, of course there’s a risk of having too much of anything, including too much protein.

You can even have too much water.

It’s called hyponatremia.

Brad: I remember I was hanging out with one of my doctor friends, and she was telling me horror stories of people drinking excessive water.

Remember, everything in moderation.

However, good luck eating too much fatty omega 3 healthy fats from fish.


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