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Standing Overhead Medicine Ball Chop

How To Do A Standing Overhead Medicine Ball Chop Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

The Standing Overhead Medicine Ball Chop is a great explosive exercise that pulls in a lot of different muscles, especially the core.

To get started:

  1. Position your feet just outside shoulder width, with your toes slightly pointed outward.
  2. Grip the medicine ball with two hands, and hold it with arms extended above your head.
  3. To create the wood chop movement, bend forward at the hips, swing the ball down and between your legs while maintaining a natural arch in your back.
  4. As you swing the medicine ball between your legs, think of it as hiking a football to the quarterback.
  5. Then without letting go of the medicine ball, quickly and explosively reverse the movement back to the starting position.
  6. Repeat.

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Other Woodchopper Variations


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