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Alternating Medicine Ball Lateral Lunge With Overhead Press


How To Do An Alternating Medicine Ball Lateral Lunge With Overhead Press Correctly

The alternating medicine ball lateral lunge with overhead press is a total body exercise that primarily targets your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and shoulders.

To get started:

  1. With a wide stance, toes pointed at 45 degrees, press a medicine ball over your head.
  2. Perform a lateral lunge to one side by pushing your hips back and bending one knee, similar to a squatting motion, while the opposite leg stays straight.
  3. Keep your chest up.
  4. During the lunge, also bend your elbows to bring the medicine ball down towards the bent knee.
  5. Next, while keeping both feet planted into the floor, push off with the foot of the bent knee to straighten that leg and return back to the starting position, while pressing the medicine ball directly over your head.
  6. Your torso should remain upright and stationary, with no twisting.
  7. Repeat the same movement on the opposite side.
  8. Repeat for reps.

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Other Lateral Lunge Exercise Variations


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