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Do You Really NEED Pre-Workout or BCAAs for Gains?

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Unmasking the Truth About Supplements

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re unmasking the truth, do you really need pre-workout or BCAAs for gains?

This was a question from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 016.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

sarasmile1984 on Snapchat asks: Hey Jess and Brad, is it a necessity to take pre-workout or BCAAs? I hear fitness people talking about these supplements all the time. I really have no clue what they are or the purpose they serve. Thanks!

Brad: Pre-workout powder and BCAAs are definitely not a necessity.

Jess: Popular yes, necessity no.

Brad: Water and food are a necessity. Taking a poop is a necessity. Oxygen is a necessity. All joking aside, it’s not. When using a word like “necessity”, a pre-workout powder and BCAAs would be so far away from being classified as that. We classify Pre-workout powder and BCAAs in the nice to haves category. If you can fit in your budget, then yes, these supplements will help you, however it’s only going help you so much. For instance, if your diet and workouts are the poops, these supplements are not really going do much for you.

Jess: Haha.

Brad: I always say you need to focus on majoring in the majors. For example, if you’re looking to change your health and physique, focus on improving your workouts and food. Get those on point, then add these other supplements to push your progress just a little bit further. However, it’s not going to be the same big “AHA” moment that occurs when you have your workout and diet on point.

Jess: When you see a lot of fitness pros taking these supplements, and talking about them on social media, it’s usually because they are sponsored by them. This means they get them for free and when they sell them to their followers, they get a kickback. You can’t do that with broccoli or water.

Brad: I mean let’s be 100% honest and transparent. We do the same thing.

Jess: Yes, exactly.

Brad: It just seemed like you were positioning it like the money is the only reason why fitness pros promote these supplements.

Jess: No, that’s not how I meant it.

Brad: I just want to be clear that we are also sponsored. That means we receive free supplements and promote the ones we take. If our followers use our link or coupon code, we also get paid an affiliate commission. Here’s a link to the pre-workout powder and BCAAs I’m currently taking.

Jess: Right.

Brad: With that said, I’m being 100% honest with you, pre workout powder and BCAAs are not a necessity. They are a nice to have.


Jess: I honestly don’t take either of those.

Brad: Well you used to when you weren’t pregnant.

Jess: Yes, I have before. That’s true.

Brad: Little miss angel over there saying, “I don’t take or sell those.”

Jess: Yes I for sure have taken them before. What I was going say is, when you see fitness professionals promoting supplements, not only are they usually promoting it for a reason, they always have their diet and workouts on point too. Therefore the results you see in their body are not necessarily just from the BCAAs and pre workout powder. Their results come because they are freaking hustling and kicking there ass every day in the gym and they know their macros and are eating healthy. All of that is the major reason for their physique. The pre workout powder and BCAA supplements are just the side kick.

Brad: You also mentioned you have no clue what pre workout powder and BCAAs are and what purpose they serve. Pre workout powder is what it sounds like. It is an energy booster. It’s going to help you get energy, increase blood flow through your body, and give you the pump.

Jess: It give you the tingles and gets you excited to go lift.

Brad: BCAAs are an essential amino acid. This means your body can’t produce these amino acids on it’s own, so you have to get it from food or supplements.

Do You Need To Supplement With BCAAs? (ARE BCAAS GOOD FOR YOU?)

Jess: You can get plenty of BCAAs from food though.

Brad: Not necessarily.

Jess: Well, depending on your diet.

Brad: BCAAs are also going to help you build muscle and recover faster by repairing muscle tissue. They’re very important, but they not are necessity, since you can also get them from food.

Jess: That’s why not everyone needs to supplement their BCAAs.


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