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What I Eat In A Day / Jess at 7 Months Pregnant

What I Eat In A Day

You guys asked for it! and here it is! 🙂

Thanks for the special request. Hope you enjoy seeing what I eat in a day

I am 7 months pregnant during this video so some things in my diet are different than they would be were I not pregnant.

This shows a pretty typical view into what I eat on a daily basis

Keep in mind as you watch this video & read the following that my nutrition has changed slightly for pregnancy

Meal 1 = Cereal or Oats with dates, Cinnamon & Coconut milk

I dunno bout you, but I wake up mad starving pretty much every morning at 6am. During my pregnancy I have been craving “Grape Nuts Cereal” for some odd reason. My mom told me this is what she ate while pregnant with me and somehow that just made me want it… So I’ll have EITHER a 1/4 cup of nutty nuggets, which is like a knock-off brand of grape nuts, OR 1/4 cup of oatmeal, with 2 dates, cinnamon, coconut milk, and maybe 5-6 raspberries or blueberries.

160 cals, 3 Pro, 25 carb, 1 fats

I also have some sort of coffee-ish beverage, either Roma grain beverage (a coffee substitute) or Decaf coffee, or Tea, and I take my Prenatal Vitamins, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C with a large glass of lemon water.

Meal 2 = PFF Breakfast

About 3 hours after that is when I have the PFF Breakfast (Protein/Fiber/Fat) which consists of some meat and eggs, with stir fried veggies, coconut oil, and a side of fruit. During pregnancy my favorite fruit has been orange. We cook our meats the night before for dinner and use the leftovers to make this delicious breakfast.

615 cals, 53 pro, 25 carb, 35 fats

Meal 3 = PWS (post workout shake)

After the gym I come home and blend up a Whey, Banana, and frozen Mango smoothie

230 cals, 20 pro, 33 carb, 0 fats

Meal 4 = PWM (post workout meal)

About 1-2 hours after the smoothie is when we have a Big Ass Salad with some sweet potatoes OR in this case butternut squash fries. I usually will have a sparkling water, regular water, or ice tea to go with this.

500 cals, 35 pro, 7 carb, 36 fats

Meal 5 = Apple & Nut Butter Snack

Between lunch and dinner I’ll have a small snack like a piece of fruit with nuts or nut butter, in this case a Fuji Apple with some Almond Butter

208 cals, 3 pro, 31 carb, 8 fats

Meal 6 = Ground Beef & Veggie Burrito

For dinner on this night we made ground beef and veggie burritos with kale, tomatoes, onions, & cabbage wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla. I would say most dinners we usually do not include another carb source, but as I am NOT training to be super lean right now and my main goal is to support, grow and feed a baby I have been including more carbs in my diet, especially in the evenings. To go along with this meal I also had a hot tea called “pregnancy tea” 🙂

470 cals, 38 pro, 24 carb, 24 fats

My total nutrition facts for the day were:

2140 Calories, 156 Pro, 140 Carbs, 106 Fats

This is slightly under what I aim for – generally around 2400 cals per day, when I include my daily activity and surplus for pregnancy.

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Thanks for watching this episode and KEEP, living lean!


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