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Day In The Life Of A Fitness Entrepreneur As A New Dad

How To Make Delicious Coconut Oil Coffee | Live Lean Life Ep. 013

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a day in the life of a fitness entrepreneur as a new dad, including my morning routine and workout

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 013 I share:

My Morning Routine Before I Workout

My Healthy Morning Routine Before I Workout

With the new baby, I’m doing my best to also show the love to my first son, Bruno.

To see my morning routine, check out: My Healthy Morning Routine Before I Workout.

How Can I Eat Healthy With My Family Visiting?

I’ve been loving this new stage in my life being a dad.

Even though Kyla can’t really do anything, I love playing crazy with her, singing to her, and making her dance.

It’s been fun really.

Since my parents flew back home to Canada a couple days ago, it’s pretty much me and Jess right now with Kyla.

Fortunately, we’re sleeping better now since Kyla is sleeping better at night.

This is very important for me since good sleep helps me feel more energized.

I’m also still getting my workouts in, however I’m not eating as healthy as I used to when my parents were here.

How Can I Eat Healthy With My Family Visiting?

Check out the full post on: How Can I Eat Healthy With My Family Visiting?

Here’s What I’m Working On Today As A Fitness Entrepreneur

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Here’s How I Create Exercise Demonstration Videos

After sending out an email newsletter, I edit an exercise demonstration video that I upload to our Live Lean TV Daily Exercises YouTube channel.

Before recording the voice over, I write an exercise demonstration script in google docs.

Once I’m ready to record the voiceover, I tap the record button, it counts me down, then I read the script into an external microphone connected to my laptop.

After editing it all together, I export the video, then upload and publish it on YouTube.

Here’s a finished example of an ab exercise called the crunch to oblique crunch.

Hopefully you are watching and sharing these exercise demonstration videos on YouTube.

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Today’s Pre-Workout Drink

It’s almost time to workout.

Before I leave, I get my pre-workout drink ready.

Here’s today’s pre-workout drink:

  1. In a shaker cup add 12 ounces of water, one serving of Myprotein MyPre pre-workout powder, and one 5-10 gram serving of Myprotein 4:1:1 BCAAs.
  2. Shake.

I’ll sip on this pre-workout and BCAAs drink on my way to my workout.

I don’t drink this every day, however when I’m feeling like I need a little boost in energy, the 200mg of caffeine in the MyPre helps.

Since I’m training fasted, I like to add BCAAs.

This is the 4:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine.

I only added 5 grams of BCAAs today, however sometimes I’ll add 10 grams.

This is a good source of leucine, since it is the most important amino acid.

16 Bodyweight Exercises To Get Shredded

Kyla is asleep, so it’s time for me to sneak out and get in my workout.

For today’s workout, I’m doing the “Go Lean” Summertime Shred workout from our daily Team Live Lean workouts inside our workout app.

This workout is going to be a challenge, but it’s going to be fun, athletic, and it’s going to get you lean.

16 Bodyweight Exercises To Get Shredded

Check out the full post on: 16 Bodyweight Exercises To Get Shredded

That Was Today’s Bodyweight Workout

All you need to complete this workout is a jump rope.

I also used my interval timer to keep track of my work sets and rest periods.

Here’s a link to go pick up that interval timer.

If you are not doing our Team Live Lean workout of the days yet, go join our workout app yet.

Every day you will get a workout of the day on your phone, as well as access to all of our 6 week workout programs.

This workout was all bodyweight, however we also have strength building and muscle building workouts and training programs with weights, as well.

Let’s see you inside the app.

You also get access to privately message us inside the app.

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This way you can bring your workout to the gym, the track, or wherever you workout out.

There are so many workout options and nutrition content to choose from.

Everything you need is all inside the app.

Hopefully you are a member.

If not, you can sign up for a free 7 day trial on our workout and nutrition app here.

Let’s go.

How I Break My 16 Hour Fast

Once I get back home, I make this break the fast shake that I showed you in Live Lean Live vlog episode .011.

Super Powered Maca Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

If you missed it, go check it out here: Superfood Maca Powder Smoothie Recipe To Break A Fast

While I was making it, I couldn’t help but admire my beautiful wife Jessica, who was changing Kyla’s diaper.

This amazing woman doesn’t even look like she was pregnant just 3 weeks ago.

She is looking lean and healthy and doesn’t even look like she just gave birth to baby Kyla.

Go give Jessica her props down in the comments.

She does a good job cleaning diapers too.

Thanks for hanging out and keep Living Lean.


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