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Awesome Stretch Routine to feel better

Stretching and Mobility work are a very important part of living lean

Why?! Because if you can’t move well you’ll have a hard time staying lean long term. If you want to be an athlete for life you need to take care of your body and stretching is the maintenance work that helps you continue to move well long term

Awesome Stretch Routine to feel better

Why Stretch??

Do you know that feeling when you feel tight and stiff. Stretching will help you avoid that and feel the opposite feelings: free and mobile

I’m going to share with you my personal stretch routines that keep me feeling good, performing better and help keep my body young.

You can follow me through these stretches as I’ll show beginner modifications for each one. Do not force your flexibility. Rather allow your muscles to relax and soften into the stretches as you work to lengthen. If you force you risk injury which will cause a setback not just in your flexibility but in your strength and cardio training as well so it’s not worth it. Be patient. Be consistent.


Child’s pose
Down dog
Forward Fold
Wide Squat Spine Rotation
Kneeling Half Split (full split option)

Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these stretches but you’ll see best results if you commit more time and stay as long as it takes for your muscles to relax and lengthen.

I recommend stretching like this after each and every workout you do, but even a little stretching is better than none, so do your best to work some stretching into your routine each week.

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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