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3 Best Sweeteners for Living Lean

Cravings for sweets? No prob, just choose the right sweeteners!

I enjoy sweet treats too! Here’s how I make them healthy

3 Best Sweeteners for Living Lean

I know you know this already, but eating processed white sugar is terrible for fat gain and for your overall health.

It’s best to avoid processed sugars and just eat real food!

One ingredient whole foods that grow from the earth are best for your body and health.

When I say sugar is bad for you I’m not talking about the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables.

I totally get it that there will be times when you crave something other than fruits and vegetables. I feel the same way. Sometimes you just want a dessert, some baked goods, something like that. This is why we have alternative sweetener options that will do the trick, satisfy your cravings without ruining your health or causing you to store unwanted body fat.

Let’s take a look at these 3 best sweeteners that Brad and I use in our household and recommend to all live leaners.

1. Maple Syrup

Great flavor and consistency. Also rich in vitamins and minerals. You’re getting calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium & Vitamin B6. We mostly use it in baking recipes, or as a topping for sweet potato pancakes or grain free waffles.

2. Honey

Antibacterial and antifungal. Has no expiration date.. Ever! I like to put it in hot tea at night, use as a natural cough syrup, or sweeten beverages like my blueberry honey lemonade in

3. Stevia Drops

We use liquid stevia drops. Great because they are zero calorie. You can use this to sweeten your coffee or add to lemon water to take away the tartness. We add them to our protein shakes which is perfect if you’re using the unflavored myProtein Whey Isolate.
I highly recommend all 3 of these sweeteners.

Not every zero calorie sweetener is good for you, make sure to check out our article about the dangers of artificial sweeteners.

To get access to all of our recipes using these sweeteners and more join us in Team Live Lean.

Thanks for reading and, KEEP Living Lean!

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