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How Do You Recover From A Cold Faster?


Can You Exercise With A Cold?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re answering a viewer question who asked, how do you recover from a cold faster?

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 023.

Carlos_Ferreryro from Snapchat asks:

Hello Brad! Big fan here all the way from south Mexico. Quick question, how do you recover from a cold? I’m battling with one and I hate it. Thank you very much.


How Do You Recover From A Cold Faster?

Jess: Brad actually has a video about this one time when he was sick, way back in the Halifax days.

Brad: Yes, that was in 2012.

Jess: It was a video about being sick and whether I was going to the gym or not.

Brad: Here’s the link to that post.

How To Avoid Getting Sick Like I Just Did Live Lean TV

Jess: We’ve received this question a lot about should you still workout or should you not.

The answer depends on how sick you are.

You said it’s just a cold, so you probably don’t have a fever, there it’s maybe okay.

The best thing you can do is get active and do some physical activity, but nothing super strenuous.

A light jog through the park, a bodyweight workout in your living room, the elliptical, or whatever you feel you are in the mood for.

Get your heart rate up, get a little bit of a sweat, and then eat healthy foods, and drink lots of fluid.

Brad: A lot of times movement makes you feel better.

If you decide to sit on the couch all day and just watch TV, you are probably going to feel like crap.

Jess: Even though this is probably want you want to do, it’s the worse thing for it, and not helpful.

Brad: At the time, laying on the couch may feel like that is what you should be doing.

However, if you can get up, your heads not light or dizzy, and you don’t have a headache, you can go outside and go for a walk to get some sunshine and air.

Jess: If it’s just a sniffling nose, go breathe some fresh air and get active.

Boost Your Immunity With This Greens Powder

Brad: One thing I do to not get sick, besides eating healthy and working out all the time, is take a greens powder.

That’s what’s really changed for me.

When I started taking a greens powder it keeps my immune system strong and on point.

Here’s a link to the greens powder that I use.

AG1 Live Lean TV AG1

Jess: I think every aspect of Living Lean helps to boost immunity.

People also ask us if Living Lean helped us with fertility.

Eating healthier and exercising often is going to make you a healthier person, so you’ll get sick less often.

So Live Lean y’all.


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