Total-Body Pyramid Workout To Bust Through Plateaus #LLTV


Bust Through Your Workout Plateau

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m sharing workout #1 from our 4-Week March Towards Gainz Workout program that is found exclusively on our inner circle members site. Get ready to bust through any plateaus you have with this pyramid workout.

Welcome to the March Towards Gainz Workout Program!

March Towards Gainz
This one is a doozy! You’ll be doing what’s called “Pyramid Sets” for all Lifts. Check your ego at the door because these are super challenging. With a rep scheme of 12, 10, 8, 10, 12 you’ll be doing 52 reps per exercise before moving on to the next exercise! Only 4 exercises to complete before finishing a “round” — We challenge YOU to complete the “Advanced” 5 round total by the end of these 4 weeks. Good luck Live Leaners! We believe in you!

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15 responses to “Total-Body Pyramid Workout To Bust Through Plateaus #LLTV

  1. Just finished two rounds of day 1 pyramid workouts….absolute killer! My
    muscles are super fatigued and there was no way a round 3 was happening!
    Great workout and fun style, Brad and Jess! Love being a Team Live Lean

  2. I like this month’s program Towards Gainz! YAY for Team Live Lean!!!!

    The workouts are very tiring though 😛

  3. Love your videos. Just wanted to point out that Brad did not follow
    Jessica’s advice of sharing dumbbells and putting them back on the rack
    when he did his lunges. LOL

  4. Once I’m employed again, I’m going to invest in becoming a Team Live Lean
    member. I’m currently doing your LL15 workouts as well as your tabata
    workouts. I’m also going to finally start working towards becoming a
    certified personal trainer and nutritionist. You guys inspire me!

  5. What sugar is ruining my LIFE, love that comment LOL!! Keep going back over
    the comment and listening again sooooooooo funny lol!!
    Im now heading over to Live Lean on the “inside” for my programme – looks
    like a great one!!! Trying the Insane Burpees tomorrow guys wish me luck.
    If im brave ill get em on video lol!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Looks awesome. It is sure nice to see demos of the moves. Always nice to
    have reinforcement that you are doing them right. Thanks for the vid.

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