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Find Your Why: The Key To A Sustainable Health And Fitness Transformation


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The Secret To Stay Committed and Achieve Your Fitness Goals Without Quitting: Motivational Minute Ep. 011

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing why finding your why is the key to a sustainable health and fitness transformation.

This is episode 011 in my Motivational Minute series.

You start working out and eating healthy, then on day 6, you stop.


Sound familiar?

Of course it does.


Why is this so common?

Well if you read my book, Think And Live Lean, you know I’m a big believer in being clear on your “why” and your purpose for accomplishing any goal.

How To Find Your Why

Identifying a clear purpose is what sets the successful Live Leaner apart from the rest.

They invest their time to dig deep and really understand why transforming their body is so important to them.

Then they use this “why” as fuel to drive their daily behaviors.

Whenever they feel like skipping a workout or binging on fast food, they go back and they think about their why.

I discovered my “why” and my purpose for Living Lean back in 2010.

This is how I transformed my body, and more importantly, my self-esteem and confidence, and will sustain it forever.

My Struggles With Self-Esteem And Confidence

Let me introduce you to pre-Live Lean Brad.

Brad Gouthro Before After

I was always embarrassed to be seen shirtless, and just didn’t feel comfortable in my own body.

I always made excuses why I couldn’t hang out with my friends at the beach.

I also played hooky from school, so I wouldn’t have to go on a day trip to the swimming pool.

This lack of self-confidence as a kid then transferred over into the business world, when I was overlooked for a promotion, which was given to a less experienced, but more confident co-worker.

My Biggest Insecurities Revealed

My boss at the time, just didn’t feel like I was confident enough in front of our clients.

That’s when I hit my breaking point, and made the declaration, that I needed to change.

I Decided I Needed To Change

To do this, I first connected to an emotional reason why, and a strong purpose for transforming.

When you have an emotional “why”, that charges you up, you make it a priority to fit the necessary behaviors, like working out and eating healthy, into your lifestyle.

Eventually those healthy behaviors turn into habits, that you just do on autopilot.

It’s kind of like brushing your teeth.

You don’t have to think about doing it, it just happens.

You Must Have A Strong Emotional Connection To Your “Why”

Can you see how having an emotional why is much more powerful to drive your future behaviors, then the typical unemotional responses of:

  • “I just want to be healthier”
  • “I just want to get ripped”

Those purposes are way too generic and have no emotional connection to them.

Think about it.

Are these unemotional “whys” really going to:

  • Make you get out of bed, to fit your workout in on a busy day?
  • Make you drive past a fast food restaurant when you’re starving?

Definitely not.


Finding Your Why Makes Your Daily Decisions Easier

When you really figure out an emotional “why”, all your decisions become more clear.

You become aware that every decision you make either takes you closer to your goals or further away.

When you’re that locked in and focused, I can’t explain why, however things just happen to help you out along the way.

If you’re truly ready to transform your body, and start Living Lean forever, your next step, before going to the gym or making another healthy meal, is to get clear and figure out your emotional “why”, right now.

Here’s Your Next Step: Think And Live Lean

Think And Live Lean

In section one of my book, “Think And Live Lean“, chapter 1.1 is called Finding Your Why.

In this chapter, I provide actionable steps to help you clearly and confidently find your why.

Go check out “Think And Live Lean” in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats, all accessible for purchase on Amazon.


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