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What’s the Best Workout Split for Weight Loss?

Should you do full body workouts? One muscle group per day? Separate Cardio & Strength days? Which is best for weight loss?

There are many different ways to split up your workouts.

What’s the best workout split for weight loss?

If you’re new to working out you may even be wondering.. What does workout split even mean?

Since we don’t have unlimited time each day to workout we must choose what our focus is going to be for each workout.. you may decide to do all cardio one day, and all strength on another.. or upper body one day and lower body the next. Some people even do 1 body part per day like for example all chest exercise on Monday and all Back on Tuesday and so on..

There are many different ways you can “split” your training and they are all great depending on the goal.

Since for so many of our viewers the goal is “weight loss” & slimming down, let’s talk about the ideal split for this goal.

The Best Workout Split for weight loss is: Full Body Circuit Training Workouts

We recommend you follow a program that has you doing full body circuit workouts at least 3x and up to 6x per week.

The main advantage of full body workouts, particularly with circuit training, is that they keep your heart rate elevated thru the entire workout & require less full body rest time between exercises.

They also burn the most calories (compared to every other type of split) since you are moving all your muscles each time instead of a select few.

The other advantage is that you can do them on back to back days. Since you’re spending the entire workout time spread out amongst all muscle groups you won’t get as sore in any particular area as you would if you dedicate the whole session to one or a few muscle groups.

Split muscle group training is my favorite split but I don’t recommend it if you have more than 5-10 lbs to lose. Save it for later down the road when your goal becomes body sculpting or muscle building.

If you’re goal is weight loss, of course your nutrition is key! We discuss nutrition in depth in many of our other videos. In particular I want you to check out this video on How to Calculate your Calories for a Weight Loss Goal. In this video Brad will teach you how to figure out how many calories you need to accomplish your goal in a specific amount of time.

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