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Waist Trainers, Do They Work?


Should I be wearing a waist trainer to make by waist slimmer?

Waist trainers create an immediate illusion of a small waist, but do they work long term?

Waist Trainers, Do They Work?

You’ve seen celebrities wearing them in selfies, you’ve probably even seen girls at your gym working out in them. Do waist trainers actually work?

Every waist trainer ad I’ve seen makes sure to mention that “along with diet and exercise” you will get results. Well I hate to burst the bubble here but with diet and exercise, you’ll get results even WITHOUT the waist trainer!


This seems to be one of the trendiest quick-fix items on the fitness market these days, celebrities are wearing them in their selfies with impossibly tiny looking waists and as trainers we get asked a lot: “do they work”?

Granted, a waist trainer is going to help you get that perfect tiny waisted selfie because it’s literally compressing all your organs, but as far as long term results, I don’t think so.

A lot of them claim to promote sweating and heat in the mid section which naturally helps you lose weight… but you know what is really helping you lose weight? Dehydration! Losing water weight will make you weigh less, and it might even make you feel slimmer, until you actually get hydrated again!


Listen, the key point to remember with waist trainers or any other no-effort-required magic bullet fixes is that THERE IS STILL EFFORT REQUIRED. And if you’re going to put in the effort anyway, it’s likely the effort that’s getting you the results and not the magic gimmick.

That being said, if using tools like this help motivate you to get started or even to keep going then I can’t say that’s a bad thing. But I would hope that you will continue the healthy lifestyle habits that get you the results that you enjoy and not credit your success to some external tool.

Bottom line is that fitness is just like anything else in your life. Being successful in fitness requires hard work, dedication, & consistency towards goals.

I’m going to give you some real life tips and exercises on how you can get a slimmer waist without any gimmicks.

When it comes to exercise, there are no specific exercises that will make your waist smaller but rather the way you do every exercise will help train your core muscles to be tight and compact.

I did another video on this concept called Number One reason You’re Not getting Flat abs that will demonstrate a pulling-in type contraction you should be doing on all of your ab training as well as when you are sitting, standing or doing anything else.

The mirror is actually an incredibly helpful tool for training your waist to be slimmer. Stand in front of a large mirror and practice body positions that help make your waist appear slimmer. Make sure to remember to breathe while you do this, inhaling the air up into your chest instead of low into your belly. Challenge yourself with timed holds and repetitions between pulling in and relaxing.

Try this short daily exercise:
1. Pull Your abs in and hold while breathing for 30 seconds. If that feels easy go longer. See how long you can hold before you need a break.
2. Then do 20 slow repetitions of pull in, let go. Make sure you’re not holding your breath when you pull in.

Doing a little bit of practice like this each day before or after you shower can help you get in tune with your core muscles teaching your brain how to hold them in instead of relax them out. After some practice, this becomes a natural habit and it’s as if you’re wearing an invisible waist trainer 24/7

Now, as you all have heard plenty of time, abs are made in the kitchen, meaning that no matter how strong & well trained your abs are you will never actually see them unless your body fat gets low enough, which is largely controlled by your diet.

There are certain healthy foods that can bloat your belly, but by cooking them, blending them. Pairing them with other foods, or just getting used to them, you can experience less of that bloat, and just because they bloat you short term doesn’t mean they contribute to extra belly fat.
You must watch our recent video on 5 healthy foods that cause bloating.
And also make the distinction whether the reason your belly is not flat is from bloating or from excess belly fat.

If it is from belly fat then we have tons of workout and nutrition programs that can help you get rid of that, as it happens to be our specialty. Check out our brand new Live Lean 20 diet for a really simple solution that can teach you how to eat belly fat fighting meals that still actually taste good.

And if I had to give one last belly slimming tip it would be to cut back on your alcohol consumption. Especially beer. Cuz obviously beer can give you a beer belly! 🙂 There’s a reason it’s called a beer belly.  I recommend no more than a few drinks per week. Check out my video on How much alcohol is too much for living lean.

Now that you know the tricks and tips to actually getting a small waist I hope you will take before and after pics and share them with us so we can see your waist slimming progress. Submit your pics to to be featured as a success story!

Thanks for watching today’s episode, keep Living LEAN!

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