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Text Us Now: 310-496-8516

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Yes, Seriously, Text Us Your Questions

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re inviting you to text us now: 310-496-8516.

This will sign you up to join our brand new Live Lean TV text messaging platform.

Plus, signing up is so easy.

Here’s How Simple It Is To Sign Up

Simply text us anything at 310-496-8516.

Text Us Now: 310-496-8516

After sending your text, you’ll receive an auto-text from us welcoming you to our text messaging platform.

To join, all you need to do is tap the “Add Yourself” link.

After that, tap on our name at the bottom, then tap “Create New Contact” to add us to your contacts.

Text Us Now: 310-496-8516

After that, you’re good to ask us your questions or simply wait to hear from us.

Why Are We Giving Out Our Text Number?

During a recent sweaty workout (this was the workout), Jessica and I made the decision to share our text number with you.

Here’s how the conversation went before we made the decision.

Jessica: You actually want to give out our phone number?

Brad: That’s right baby, we’re giving out our phone number.

So here’s the deal.

We want to get even closer with you and take our relationship to the next level.

Yes, we like you that much.

So who wants to text us, 310-496-8516?

That’s right, we’re sharing our text number, 310-496-8516, and we want to hear from you.

Text Us Now: 310-496-8516

If you’re really brave, go ahead and call our number, 310-496-8516, and see what might happen 😝.

For example, this could happen.

Also, this is what can happen when you text us a question.

Of course, this was just a comedic response.

We’ll do our best to be more helpful πŸ˜‚ .

Text Us Now: 310-496-8516

Although we’re not going to stop to answer your text questions mid set during our workouts.

We will do our very best to answer your text questions as soon as we’re back home crushing our post workout protein shake.

This Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun

We hope you’ll join in on the fun and participate by texting us at 310-496-8516.

Trust us, we will make sure it is worth it to you.

So shoot us a text now, 310-496-8516 and let’s take our relationship to the next level.

We are here for you and want to connect on an ever deeper level.

Once you send us a text at 310-496-8516, over time, we’ll be sending free workouts and other unique content that is only available by text message.

So if you want to get an insider view of exclusive content and offers, that we’re only sharing with our tight text messaging family, that’s what this text platform is for.

We’re going to be treating you guys very very well since texting is very personal.

We’ll also do our very best to get back to you with answers to all of your questions.

But don’t abuse the privilege πŸ˜‚.

Actually, screw that, feel free to text us whenever.

How To Opt-Out

If for some reason you want to stop receiving text messages from us, simply reply with #optout.

Want To See Some Funny Bloopers?

Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the video for the funny bloopers and our catchy text number jingle πŸ˜†.

The Live Lean Texting jingle goes a little something like this:

310-496-8516 to Live Lean.

Text us now, don’t delay…

Your new gains are on the way…

Text us now…

We love you.


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