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Sculpt Your Core With This Shoulder Exercise

Step-By-Step Exercise Demonstration Tutorial: Plank with 1 Arm Cable Reverse Fly

On today’s episode I’m sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to sculpt your abs by modifying this traditional rear deltoid shoulder exercise.

Plank With 1 Arm Cable Reverse Fly Exercise Demonstration:

The plank with 1 arm cable reverse fly is a more advanced modification of the tradition cable reverse fly as it requires more core strength and balance.

To get started:

1. Set the handle of a cable machine to a low position.
2. Get down in a pushup plank position beside the cable machine with the hand closest to the cable machine propped up on a yoga block.
3. With the other hand, reach under your body for the handle of the cable machine. Ensure you are far enough away from the cable machine so there is tension throughout the movement.
4. Pull your shoulder blades back, order then raise your arm straight out, parallel to the ground, as if you were trying to touch the wall.
5. Lower, keeping tension on the shoulder the entire time.
6. Ensure you maintain a straight alignment with your body from your head down to your feet during the movement. Tight abs, tight glutes, tight hamstrings, etc.

Watch the exercise demonstration video above for all the coaching cues.

Equipment Required:

Cable machine and a yoga block (or something to prop up one arm 6 inches off the ground).

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