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Obesity: It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

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The health industry has come a long way in the battle to stop people from smoking.

Think about it, in most public areas, you’re not allowed to smoke indoors, and they even designate certain areas outside where you’re also not allowed.

These new rules of making it inconvenient for people to smoke have helped decrease the consumption of cigarettes.

So here’s a question to ponder…

Since we’ve made it inconvenient for people to smoke, why do we continue making it MORE convenient for people to BECOME obese?

Most people would agree that as a society, especially with the food industry, it’s very convenient for individuals to become obese. Think fast food, instant microwavable meals, and vending machines in schools.

These are all examples of how in today’s society it’s MORE convenient to become obese.

If you think smoking is terrible for your health, yet you’re comfortable with holding an extra 60 pounds of fat on your body, be warned.

Here are a couple research findings that show it may be more dangerous to be obese, than it is to be a smoker.

Is Smoker Safer Than Being Obese?

  • Obesity may cause MORE chronic health problems than smoking.
  • There are more obese people in the US, than those who smoke, drink heavily, and live below the poverty line…COMBINED!
  • Almost 300,000 North Americans die each year due to conditions attributed to obesity.  That is approximately the entire population of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • In the US, 60% of people over 20 years old are carrying to much body fat. Each year the problem gets worse.
  • Obesity costs US taxpayers approximately $100 billion a year.

The #1 Killer In North America

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in North America.

And guess who is the prime target for cardiovascular disease?

That’s right, obese individuals, due to their blood vessels failing 3 times as fast as lean individuals.

If death is the #2 fear, and cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in North America, why do we continually fuel our bodies with “food” that causes cardiovascular disease?

Start Making It Inconvenient To Eat Fattening Food

Next time you see a candy vending machine, be afraid!

Next time you drive by a fast food restaurant, be afraid!

It’s time to get educated, and more importantly, take action and become accountable for what we are doing to our bodies.

With the right information, you have the ability to turn your health around no matter what condition you currently are in.

Remember, it’s never too late.

Start making changes now, let us help you with that!

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