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Low Impact Knee Friendly Booty Workout

Knee Pain? Ankle Injury? Any other reason for needing to avoid Squats, Lunges or any other standing booty exercises?

I’ve got you. Here are 7 of my favorite Low Impact Knee Friendly Booty Exercises, all together in a 21 minute workout.

We’re going to do a 21 minute Booty Workout. Equipment is optional.

In the first round I’ll be doing every move bodyweight only, but if you want to add equipment, I’ll show you how to do so in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

We’ll be focusing on the glutes with every exercise and avoiding stress on the knees and ankles.

Here are the 7 Low Impact Booty Exercises we’ll be following:

  1. Glute Bridges
Focus all the effort on flexing the glutes and forming a straight line from ribs to hips

2. Glute Bridge Heel Walk Outs

Walk your heels out until your legs are all the way straight Keep your hips lifted off the ground and glutes flexed

3. Abduction

In the glute bridge position open your knees apart and flex your butt and thigh muscles Continue to open and close focusing mostly on the flex when open

4. Prone Hamstring Curl and Lift

Lay in a belly down position with your legs extended long Keep your feet together and curl them towards you Once you reach a 90 degree bend lift your knees off the floor to flex your glutes Extend again and continue reps focusing on control and strong flexes

5. Kneeling Donkey Kicks

6. Booty Rainbows

7. Side Lying Glute Kickbacks

How Often to Do This:

This workout is a compilation of 7 amazing low impact booty exercises.

You do not have to complete all 7 of these exercises within the same session each time.

You can use these moves any time you need a replacement for an exercise that hurts your knees.

As always, the best results with fat loss and tightening are going to come from a holistic approach to your fitness, not just from specific exercises alone.

Doing this one workout alone will likely not be enough to transform your booty.

Following a program with variety and progression is so important to seeing the best results.

For a full program of bodyweight only follow along booty workouts, you can follow my BAB2 9 week program:

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Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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