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How To Tone Your Booty, NOT Quads

Feeling the burn in your thighs more than your glutes?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the exercises, strategies, and tips I use myself and teach in all of my booty programs to target and isolate the Glute muscles during Booty training sessions so you can tone where you want to without overworking your thighs.

I’ve created 3 different Booty programs:

Original Build A Butt
Build A Butt 20 Follow Along Videos
Build A Butt EXTREME Gym Training Plan

Train your Booty from Home with No Equipment

Follow Along with me for every workout

Use Gym equipment for Extreme firming and toning results

All three of these programs are awesome

You can do them all

Booty training is my FAVORITE and has been for many years!

Why do I love Booty Training so much?

Having a STRONG, Firm, Lifted, and Toned Butt feels amazing!

We all spend so much time sitting each day. It’s natural for our booty muscles to be underdeveloped.

Booty training helps us balance our bodies by giving more attention to the rear chain exercises and targeting the most powerful muscle group in your body.

Training your Booty is not just about looks, it creates very functional strength and fitness as well.

Having a strong booty is cute, but also makes you more athletic, stronger at every other exercise, fires up your metabolism, and feels awesome!

Right now I’m following my Build a Butt EXTREME program

9 Week Gym-Based Program for an Extremely Sexy Butt!

In the past 7 weeks that I’ve been following this I’ve been posting a lot about my workouts on Instagram.

I often get asked about Quad burnout and fear of bulking up the thighs.

How can I feel Squats and Lunges in my Butt? My Quads are always taking over 😩

I have a few tips and suggestions to share with you because I had experienced the same issues when first starting out.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Mental Focus (mind-to-muscle connection)

Having your intentions for the workout focused exclusively on your Booty muscles is key to getting the best results out of your sessions.

Don’t worry about your abs, arms, chest, back etc.. during your booty sessions. You can add alternative workouts to your schedule on different days, but on your Booty session days, STAY FOCUSED.

Walking into your Booty training session with one goal in mind: Work the Glutes is so much more powerful than being focused on just going through the motions, doing Squats, Lunges, Step Ups etc.. without any focus on specific muscle contractions.

Your mental focus is so critical to your success.

Just doing the sessions is not enough to get results. You need to be mentally focused and present with every move you make.

2) Glute Specific Warm Ups

A general warm up is great for a full body workout, but when you’re specifically training booty, your warm up should be specifically focused on your booty muscles.

There are lots of great options for booty specific activation exercises. Some of my favorites (shown in this video) are:

  • Straight Leg Pulses
  • Side Kick Pulses
  • Single Leg Toe touch
  • Glute Bridges
  • Froggie Position Glute Bridges
  • Practicing form for Exercises in the Workout you’re about to follow

The main goals of the warm up are to bring blood flow and warmth to the area you’re about to train and to create that mind-to-muscle connection to center your mental focus for the session.

The warm up should not be exhausting. Don’t over-do it. Just a few minutes at the beginning of your workout should be enough to achieve those goals.

3) Form Adjustments (Eliminate Forward Lean, Focus on Hip Crease, Heel Pressure)

Form adjustments are crucial to successfully targeting your booty muscles instead of your thighs.

Some of the most common mistakes trainees make when not feeling a Squat in the right place:

  1. Torso Leaning Forward
  2. Lifting the Heels – Too much pressure on the balls of the feet
  3. Stance too Narrow
  4. Rounding the Back
  5. Partial Range of Motion – missing the “flex moment” of the reps

In order to feel a Squat in your booty muscles you’ll need a wide stance, heels pressed into the ground, weight distributed evenly on your feet but primarily on the heels, a straight back, and full range of motion.

Form adjustments become habit with practice so in the beginning you’ll need to go slow, pay very close attention and perhaps even watch yourself in a mirror.

4) Lots of Practice

With lots of repetition booty-focused exercise form becomes natural and you won’t have to work so hard to feel the exercises in the right way.

If you are interested to begin or improve your Booty Training you’ll find my Build A Butt 2 guide to be super helpful.

This version of my 3 BAB programs is best for Coaching you through the proper form and focus to have the best Booty targeted results:

(You can add resistance to the workouts if you are advanced).

Train your Booty with me at Home using my Follow-Along Workout Videos


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