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Uneven Push Up On Step


How To Do An Uneven Push Up On Step Correctly

The Uneven Push Up On Step is an excellent variation of the traditional push up that can help you progress up to completing your first one arm push up.

By having your hand on the step, it creates an imbalance, thus creating more tension in one side of your chest than the other.

This instability can help progress you up, and eventually build the necessary strength to complete your first one arm push up.

To get started:

  1. Place a step or stable object on the floor that’s approximately 6 inches high.
  2. Get into a traditional push up position beside the step, with one hand on the step, and the other on the floor.
  3. Your hands should be positioned just outside of shoulder width.
  4. Ensure you keep your chest parallel to the floor throughout the movement.
  5. To do this, the elbow of the arm on the step will bend more than the elbow of the arm on the floor.
  6. Under control, lower your body so your chest makes contact with the step, ensuring you try and keep your chest as parallel to the floor as possible.
  7. After completing the reps with one side, switch sides and repeat.

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