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Healthy Costco Grocery Haul

Nutritious Foods for Clean Eating

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, we’re showing you a healthy Costco grocery haul, featuring nutritious foods for clean eating.

Once we arrived at Costco, I tried to convince Jessica to get the food, while I hang out in the TV section watching the basketball game for an hour.

It didn’t work.

Live Lean Tip #1: Never Go To The Grocery Store Hungry

There are a lot of ultra processed carbohydrates at Costco.

I refer to these as the no-no aisles.

When you’re hungry, it’s harder to stay focused on your goals, as you are more likely to make poor food purchasing decisions

Your goal is to first add gains by filling your cart with meat and foods from the fresh produce section.

Then, if you want, you can add a treat.

Live Lean Tip #2: Don’t Fall For The Deceiving Nutrition Labels

Misleading nutrition labels are everywhere.

Top 19 Misleading Food Labels That Are Deceiving You

Just because it says “A Good Source Of Vitamin D” on a box of Frosted Flakes, it doesn’t mean you should eat it.

Costco is smart because they always put the dairy and eggs at the back of the store, while all the other food is on the other side.

This gets you to walk through the entire store, thus increasing your chances to add more items to your cart.

Healthy Costco Grocery Haul

Here’s what we bought during our healthy Costco grocery haul:

That’s our Costco food haul.

The total grocery bill came to $289.20.

We’re done.

Let’s get out of here.

Now that we bought the groceries, the next fun part is carrying it in from the car.

Since my ego will not allow me to take multiple trips, I always try to carry all the bags of food at once.

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