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Dress Pants For Guys Who Don’t Skip Leg Day #NewFavPant #Savane

Dress Pants For Guys Who Don't Skip Leg Day #NewFavPant #Savane

Expand Your Style: Fit To Achieve

If you’re reading this blog post I’m assuming you’re suffering from one of the most dreaded #fitnessproblems known to man.

No, I’m not referring to you struggling to fit that meat lovers pizza into your macros…

Nor am I talking about the agony of making 18 trips to the urinal before 11am.

The Most Dreaded #fitnessproblem Know to Man is…

When you appreciate style, but you can never find dress pants that fit.

Nod your head if you know what I’m saying.

Trust me, I feel your pain.

But before I share my story, let me just say this:

Fist bump to you for not skipping leg day bro!

Now back to my story.

I started working out in 2003, the same year I entered the corporate marketing world.

After graduating, I remember buying a bunch of new dressy work clothes.

At the time, I was pretty skinny and fit into a 30-inch dress pant. They fit my waist, they fit my quads, and they showed off my butt.

Life was good.

But Then I Fell In Love With The Squat Rack

Yes, I fell for the cool steel big time.

The way the barbell felt on my shoulders, the way it increased my happy hormones, and lets be real, the way it changed my appearance…

I was in love.

But Then My Pants Stopped Fitting

Most people who lose weight suffer from a similar #fitnessproblem.

They lose so much fat, none of their XXL clothes fit anymore.

My #fitnessproblem was similar, but slightly different.

My clothes were not fitting anymore not because I was losing fat, but…

Because I was gaining muscle

So even though my waist was still 30-inches, my booty, quads, hammies, and calves didn’t fit into the pant legs anymore.

I remember one time when I crossed my legs while sitting in the boardroom, the seam ripped from my butt all the way to the zipper.

Talk About Embarrassing

IMG_0064 (1)

I wish I had a photo of me wearing those pants that day.

Lets just say for the rest of the day, I stood for all my meetings.

When I got home that night, I knew it was time to buy some new dress clothes to accommodate my growing physique.

I thought it was going to be easy.

Damn, was I wrong

IMG_0067 (1)

After visiting numerous stores, I couldn’t find one pair of 30 inch waist dress pants that I could fit in to.

I remember talking to the sales associates saying…

So you’re telling me, since I workout, I eat healthy, I have a low body fat percentage, and a solid foundation of muscle, that…

Clothes Are Not Designed To Fit Me Because Having An Athletic Build Is Not “Normal”


And it’s not to say I’m so freakishly hulk-a-fied bodybuilder.

I’m 5’11” and 175lbs!

IMG_0072 (1)


During the next 8 years of life while working in the corporate marketing world, I had to buy pants that were too big for my waist.

In other words, I wore a belt, extra tight,  to keep the pants from falling off my hips.


In 2011, I eventually fired my boss (and the corporate world) to become a fitness entrepreneur.

This meant for the next 5 years, I didn’t have to wear dress pants everyday that were 2 sizes too big for me.


But The Times, They Are A Changing

FullSizeRender 20

Fast Forward to 2016.

The world is becoming a healthier place.

People are taking better care of themselves.

Today’s dress clothes must work around the clock.

Thankfully smart companies, like my friends at Savane®, are filling a void in the market by creating the ideal solution for professional and athletic men, like me, who require clothing that can flex to met the needs of our active lifestyles.

I now have 5 pairs of Savane® ActiveFlex pants

Savane® is considered one of the fashion industry’s leaders in performance, comfort and innovation.

From clean khakis…

FullSizeRender 21

To no iron grab-and-go dress pants…

IMG_0123 (1)

Savane® ActiveFlex Pants Are On Point

The pants have Motion Stretch Fabric to allow for movement in case you feel the need to bust out a Hulk Leap…


While picking up some flowers for your special lady from the market.


Savane® ActiveFlex Pants Also Have…

  • A Max-Comfort Waistband that contracts and expands in case you do decide to have that XL pizza!
  • A Hidden Zip-Tech Pocket to store your iPhone so it doesn’t fall out of your damn pocket all the time (can you tell this has happened to me before)!
  • Wicking Performance cause we all know you don’t make business deals when you’re dripping in sweat!

Learn more about Savane® ActiveFlex Pants

Check them out at or at various retailers such as AmazonBelk, KohlsBonton, JCPenney.

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