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20 Minute No Equipment Toned Arms Workout


No Equipment is not a problem. You can Tone your Arms at Home using bodyweight exercises. Follow Along with me.

We’re going to do a 20 minute Toned Arms Challenge. Can you do it?

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Here are the exercises:

  1. Kneeling Arm Rotations
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In an all fours position reach one arm up towards the ceiling <br >Keep the bottom arm stiff and straight <br >Flex your back and arm muscles <br >Return to the ground and alternate sides

2. Kneeling Tricep Push Up

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In an all fours position lower your chest down to the ground with your elbows in close to your body <br >Press back up to flex your arms

3. Hand Walkouts

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Start in all fours then walk your hands out to the end of your mat lowering your forehead to the ground <br >Walk your hands back in flex your arms and repeat walking out and back in with your arms Keep your lower body stable and focus on the arms

4. Seated Tricep Extensions

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Lift your hips just a few inches off the ground and flex your arms Bend at the elbows to lower then repeat Keep your focus on your triceps and keep your shoulders down and back

5. Seated Arm Rotations

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Start with arms extended straight out in front of your chest Lean back and rotate open to one side as you reach to the floor behind you Rotate back to center and alternate sides Keep your arms flexed and straight the entire time

6. Seated Arm Sweep Ups

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Sit with your legs extended out straight in front of you Sweep your arms up and over your head to form and L shape Try your best to get full extension and make a straight line from your hands to your hips Lower the arms then repeat

7. Butterfly Open Close

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Place finger tips just lightly behind your ears Close your elbows towards each other then open to flare the elbows out Continue the open and close actions and focus on flexing all muscles in your shoulders arms and back

8. Modified Plank Alternating Elbow Drops

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In a modified plank position lower one elbow to the ground then the next Rise back up again and then repeat Alternate side with each rep

9. Modified Push Up Shoulder Taps

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Do one modified pushup followed by one shoulder tap Alternate sides with each rep

10. Pike Push Up with Tricep Extension

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In a pike or down dog position lower your forehead to the ground Press up again then lift one arm up to flex the tricep with your palm facing the ceiling Place that hand back down and repeat flexing the tricep on the other side Alternate sides with each rep

To complete the challenge:

This workout has 2 rounds: Beginner and Intermediate. If you are Advanced complete 3 rounds total using the second round variations.

Beginner? Complete the workout as done in the video, but stick to the modifications shown in the first round.

For noticeable arm toning results:

For the most noticeable results: repeat this workout 2 to 3 times per week for at least 6 weeks. Combine it with your other full body workouts and healthy nutrition.

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Question For You:

  • Have you ever done a sprint workout like this at home?

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