4 Min Get Lean Tabata Routine & adidas FIT SMART Review #LLTV

Tabata Routine To Incinerate Fat

Live Lean Nation, order on today’s episode I’ll be doing a quick review on the new miCoach FIT SMART device from adidas as well as a fat incinerating 4 minute tabata routine to put the FIT SMART to the test. Lets go.

adidas miCoach FIT SMART Review

micoach fitsmart review
Alright, adidas recently launched it’s new miCoach FIT SMART device that measures your heart rate, pace, distance, calories, and stride rate. My friends at adidas were kind enough to send me the product to see if it’s Live Lean approved. I’ve tried many other devices but my initial thoughts when opening the package was how slick and minimalistic it looks. It also comes in white, but the black with the Live Lean green lit up the side makes this very sexy. The feel of the silicone strap is also a bonus. It just feels very futuristic. I was also very happy to see it doesn’t require a chest strap. I don’t know about you, but after an Afterburn style workout, those chest straps can get pretty uncomfortable as they get really sweaty and stanky. So it’s cool that all the measuring comes from the wrist.

It’s also all wirelessly synced to the miCoach train and run app. You can download the app on iOS and andriod and set and track your own weekly fitness goals or follow a training plan that is already done for you through the app.

So honestly, if you’re looking for a functional and slick looking device like this…check out the miCoach FIT SMART from Adidas. It’s Live Lean approved. It’s listed at $149, so you can check it out and learn more here.

So are you ready to workout? Lets do this…

4 Minute Fat Incinerating Tabata Routine

4 Minute Tabata Routine

4 exercises.
20 seconds of work per exercise.
10 seconds of rest.
Repeat for a total of 2 times (4 minutes).

A1. Lateral Jump Burpees x 20 sec
Rest x 10 sec
A2. Handstand For Reps x 20 sec
Rest x 10 sec
A3. Speed Skaters x 20 sec
Rest x 10 sec
A4. Front To Back Bear Crawl Burpee x 20 sec
Rest x 10 sec

Repeat 1 time.

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