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The Truth About The Over Sexualized Fitness Industry

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Male vs. Female Opinion The Current State Of The Fitness Industry

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we share a male vs female opinion on the truth about the over sexualized fitness industry.

This was a question from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 012.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

Ant @HulllkSmash on Twitter asks: let’s hear the truth about the over sexualized fitness industry. Do you think the fitness industry is over sexualized? P.S. keep up the great content.

First of all, I just want to give Ant a quick shout out.

Although I’ve never met him personally, he’s been one of my first online homies.

I remember years ago, when I first got into the online business, Ant was one of the first guys who would ask questions and shout me out on social media.

So I just wanted to say, I remember you brother, and thanks for buying my first book, Awaken The Abs Within.

awaken The abs within book

Also big shout out to you for still being in the Live Lean game.

With that said, let’s get into it.

This is a great question because we have never been asked it before.

So now we have a chance to debate it.

Does Brad Think The Fitness Industry Is Over Sexualized?

Although Jessica tends to disagree, my answer is yes.

I absolutely think the fitness industry is over sexualized.

Here’s why.

Before I make a social media post, I think the following.

What kind of value does this post bring to the end user, i.e. the person viewing it?

Let’s just use Instagram as an example.

If I post a shirtless picture on Instagram, which I do, I want to also write a caption with a motivational story or a workout of how I train to build my physique.

My only issue is when fitness influencers consistently post shirtless selfies or butt pictures without providing any valuable content alongside of it.

For example, they simple caption the photo #datass or #thosegenetics.

That’s it.

Think about it.

What kind of value does end user get out of that post?

Again, you do you, but that’s just my 2 cents.

Does Jessica Think The Fitness Industry Is Over Sexualized?

Jessica is more on the no side, as she doesn’t think the fitness industry is over sexualized.

She argues that these sexy selfie photos can be used as inspiration.

For example, the user sees that butt photo and thinks, “oh yeah, dat ass, I need to get to the gym and squat.”.

Let’s Debate Breast Implants In The Fitness Industry

However, the one thing that Jessica feels is over sexualized in the fitness industry, is fitness competitors with breast implants.

Here’s why.

Jessica points out that getting breast implants has nothing to do with working out or eating healthy.

Since working out was not the reason why your boobs got bigger, it really is not a part of fitness.

When fitness professionals post a lot of cleavage photos to inspire others to get fit, it can be frustrating.

Getting bigger boobs has everything to do with seeing a plastic surgeon, and has nothing to do with working out more or eating better.

Let’s be clear, Jessica doesn’t have anything against women who get breast implants.

Boobs are beautiful.

She just doesn’t believe it should be so prominently marketed in the fitness industry.

Fitness Competitors With Breast Implants

When Jessica started doing fitness competitions, she eventually made it to the higher levels.

Unfortunately, most of the female fitness competitors that she was competing against had boob jobs.

This made Jessica feel very insufficient since the fitness industry has gone the direction of valuing female physiques with bigger boobs, even though this has nothing to do with fitness.

Especially when you get to the level of being in consideration to be on magazine covers.

Having big boobs in the fitness industry is a huge advantage, while not having them may be seen as a set back.

My 2 Cents About Breast Implants In The Fitness Industry

Although I 100% agree with Jessica that having big boobs is not a sign of being fit, I can also understand the other side of the argument.

After talking to a fitness friend who had a boob job, she told me why she wanted to get breast implants.

Before her surgery, she was an A cup.

The reason she had breast surgery was because there is no way to train your boobs to make them bigger.

If this is a self-confidence issue, because she doesn’t feel good or comfortable about how she looks, the only alternative is to get breast implants.

Compare this to a guy who is self-conscious about a muscle group on his body.

Fortunately, through training, he can build up muscle in that area of his body.

Although Johnny Drama, on the TV show Entourage, wanted to get calf implants.

However, a female, who is self-conscious about her small boobs, cannot train or eat better to make them bigger.

Therefore, surgery is the only way.

Bottom Line: The Truth About The Over Sexualized Fitness Industry

I think both Jessica and I got our point across on how we stand on the topic of the over sexualized fitness industry.

To recap, I don’t have any problem with shirtless, abs, and butt photos.

I just feel like these photos need to come with a caption that provides context to the end user of how they can get value out of it.

This could be a motivational story that shows vulnerability, or an explanation of how you built your body through fitness and nutrition.

By sharing your squat routine, this provides actual value to your community.

Now they can use that valuable information and apply it to their own workouts.

When fitness influencers simply post these sexy photos, without any value provided in the caption, it just seems self-serving.

To me, it feels like they post it because they know they will get a ton of “likes”.

These “likes” then builds up their ego, which makes them look and feel good about themselves.

However, what value does this provide to the end user?

When I explained it this way, Jessica agreed.

This now opens up the floor for discussion.

So if you want to give your 2 cents on it, let us know in the comment section below.

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