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Results from Home Workouts?

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I’ve learned so many things in the past year that have gotten me the same (or even better) results by training at home, versus when I used to train at the gym 5-7 days per week.

✅ Home workouts are 100% more effective than No workouts

I used to be so black and white about working out, thinking that unless I could train at the gym I wouldn’t train at all.

This kind of mentality did not help me once I became a Mom and had to spend more time at home.

If you attach your ability to get results to a place, and then you can no longer go there, then you may be stuck feeling like you have no good option.

I can tell you this: Home workouts are 100% more effective than skipping your workouts all together.

Once you wrap your mind around home workouts being effective, you can do a whole lot of good for your body without even leaving the house.

✅ Increase the challenge of your exercise in various ways, not just by increasing weight. Some other ways you can make the challenge greater:

  1. Take shorter rest periods
  2. Increase Reps
  3. Increase Sets
  4. Move the weights slowly and focus on controlling the eccentric
  5. Double up dumbbells (hold two dumbbells together)
  6. Elongate Timed Intervals

✅ Use more Home-Items in your workouts

For example, a sturdy chair, a pillow, a water bottle. There are many household items you have around the home that can be used as workout equipment or inspiration. I also like to sometimes use a towel for sliding exercises on the wood floor.

✅ Invest in some of your favorite pieces of equipment that will make your workouts better.

My favorites and ones I have at home:

  • Exercise Ball
  • Yoga Mat
  • 1 pair of 10lb Db’s
  • Loop Resistance Bands
  • 1 35lb Kettelbell
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Foam Rollers
  • Massage Balls

✅ Find a “home” for these tools

Create a deliberate space for you to keep your workout stuff so that you always know where to find it and where to put it when you’re done with it.

I keep mine in a drawer below the TV stand.

✅ Follow a structured workout plan

Instead of just making it up as you go, it’s best to follow a set and structured workout plan that is well thought out, professionally designed, and crafted towards your specific goal.

I love to follow our training plans because they are designed to keep me lean and fit.

The one I’m following in this video is from our Team Live Lean Home Training Plan: FRESH GAINZ

The workout is called “Ripped Legend”

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