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No Squat Booty Work [for people with knee pain]

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So you have knee pain that’s aggravated by Squats?

Squats and Lunges are among the best exercises to work your booty, but they are not the only ones.


With a little creativity, you can work your booty muscles without any pressure on the knees

I want to share with you 7 of my favorite booty training exercises that don’t put any pressure on the knees

Make sure to watch the YouTube video (above) to see the form for each of these moves.

  1. Straight Leg Feet Elevated Hip Thrusts (bodyweight or with plate added to hips)
  2. Bent Knee Feet Elevated Hip Thrusts (bodyweight or with plate added to hips or with stretch band added around knees)
  3. Rear Leg Raises (bodyweight or with dumbbell added between feet)
  4. Standing Kickbacks with Stretch Band
  5. Single Leg Toe Touch with Stretch Band and Plate
  6. Banded Clam Shells
  7. Banded Crab Butterfly


Your booty is going to feel ten times perkier after you do these moves… The pump is real… so real. 🙂


If you like these moves you’re going to love my new booty program coming next week!

If you haven’t yet done my original booty program I highly recommend doing this first:

Build a Butt 6 week home workout program



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