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4 Fat Melting Finishers to Melt Stubborn Fat [No Equipment]


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You know that last layer of fat that doesn’t seem to budge no matter how long you workout.

These finishers are designed to target that and tap into that extra bit of fat that won’t go anywhere with regular strength training workouts or just cardio.

Why are these different?

Although only 4 minutes long, they are INTENSE – meaning, they use a lot of energy.

By digging deep and expending that physical energy you’ll finally be able to access fat that cannot be burned with regular workouts alone.

I’ve seen amazing results on myself by doing these, and I’ve seen amazing results with clients all over the world too.

Keep in mind – these are best done after your strength training and/or cardio workouts, when your energy is already mostly spent. You should go into these with mindset that it’s only 4 minutes, and although tough, it’s worth it and you’ll give it your absolute best effort.

4 Fat Melting Finishers:

#1 = Lunge Lunge Squat + Double Push Up Hand Walk Back to Squat

4 rounds of these 2 exercises, on the clock for 15 seconds work : 15 seconds rest

#2 = Froggie Squat (8 reps) + High Knees (16 steps) + Skaters (8 total, 4/side)

Complete 4 sets of the triset with no rest between exercises, counting 8 reps of each. Rest 30 seconds between sets.

#3 = Over Unders + Seal Jack + Tuck Jump + Knee Thrust

2 rounds of these 4 exercises, on the clock for 15 seconds work : 15 seconds rest

#4 = Bunny Hops + Forward Bounds + Pop Squats + Plank Kick through

2 rounds of these 4 exercises, on the clock, Tabata Style, 20 seconds work : 10 seconds rest.

Remember: Do these 4 minute finishers straight after your strength training workout.

Enjoy the fat melting process and I can’t wait to hear about your results.

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