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How to take the Live Lean Fit Test: Bodyweight Edition

Have you tested your fitness yet?

I’m going to take you along with me today to show you exactly how to do the fit test.

This test is an excellent way to benchmark your fitness level, provide measurable goals and challenge you to become more fit.

I will share my scores with you for each exercise, but remember not to compare yourself to anyone but yourself.

This is a challenge only against you and your future self.

It’s not about being the Best. It’s about being better than we were yesterday.

Having benchmark goals to work towards will push you to reach heights you didn’t think were possible for yourself. There were so many times I would be mid-test and feel like I would have quit if not for seeing what the “Live Lean Pro” score would be. I felt such a responsibility and motivation to push past my comfort zone, not just for my own enjoyment, but also because I wanted to be able to share that with you.

Sharing your scores can help motivate everyone around you, which will then motivate you as well.

We are all in this together.

Take the Fit Test to find out where you stand.

Why Test Yourself?

Everyone has a fitness journey. Whether you focus on it or not is up to you.

Measuring your current level will help you set your goals.

If I asked you to do “as many reps as possible” I guarantee you’d naturally do less than you would if I asked you “can you do (a certain number)?”

This was absolutely true for myself.

On my own terms I estimated I could do about 17 or 18 pushups in one set, but seeing that the “pro score” for women was 25+, I made sure to squeeze out those extra 7 reps to make it to that finish line.

Given benchmarks, we are so much more capable than we know.

What if you can’t complete one of the tests?

An incomplete score is not a fail. It’s a learning experience.

Any time you do the best effort you can it absolutely counts.

For example: You attempt the push up test and find out you can’t even do one rep. Don’t say you didn’t score. Write down the reason for the incomplete, and save it for next time.

You should record how each test went and then look forward to reaching a new high next time after putting in more work.

Nobody is born super fit.

Fit is something you become by putting in the reps.

This test is a good way to show you how far you’ve come so far and also set new goals for your future self.

To get started:

If you have never seen our fit test before, you can download it here for free, or find it in your Team Live Lean member curriculum or any of our individually priced Team Live Lean programs.

This test is made up of 5 categories that are all important benchmarks for Live Leaners.

  1. Strength
  2. Athleticism
  3. Endurance
  4. Mobility
  5. Body Composition

Testing yourself in all 5 categories is a great way to see where you stand and illuminate which areas of your fitness could use improvement.

You’ll begin with a Warm Up.

  1. Prisoner Squat x 10 reps
  2. Jumping Jacks x 15 reps
  3. Push ups x 10 reps (modify if necessary, do not burn out, it’s just the warm up)

Complete all 3 warm up exercises before getting into the testing.

It’s important to have your body warmed up and ready to go to get your best scores as well as prevent injuries.

Once the warm up is complete, begin with the Strength Category tests.

For the bodyweight edition, you’ll test 5 different strength exercises.

We also offer no-equipment alternatives in case you need them. The only equipment recommended for this category is a pull up bar, and a stopwatch.

Category 1: Strength

First strength test: Push Ups.

Do not modify the pushup form. You must be in a full plank position and lower your chest all the way to the ground for reps to count. Do only as many as you can honestly do from full push up position. Record your score and save it for next time.

Scoring for Push Up Test:

Depending on your gender, see how you scored based on number of push ups you completed in one set.

308Live Lean Rookie
4015Live Lean Semi Pro
50+20+Live Lean Pro

If you were unable to complete at least 8 push ups for Women and 30 push ups for men, then mark this as an area that needs improvement.

One of the best exercises to work on building up your chest strength is this:

Incorporate more chest and core exercises into your programming and your push up score will surely improve next time you re-test yourself.

Second strength test: Air Squats

Test yourself for number of consecutive reps. Do not pause or stop at the top. Only count the reps you can do in one continuous set without pausing.

See the Fit Test document for how to score this and the rest of the exercises.

Third strength test: Hip Thrust

Test for number of reps in one set.

If you have dumbbells available, add weight on top of your hips to make this test more challenging. If you add weight, make note of it (write down the amount of weight) so that you can re-test consistently next time.

Fourth Strength Test: Pull Up

Pull ups are an essential part of your fitness. If you do not have access to a pull up bar we do have an alternative option for you but finding a bar whether it be at a local park, gym, or outdoor workout facility, or installing one in your house or using a removable doorframe bar, we highly recommend you find a way to incorporate pull ups into your training.

Pull up alternative: Superman “W” Pulls. Test yourself for number of reps in one set

Fifth Strength Test: Forearm Plank

This is a timed challenge. Get into the position, tighten your core and hold as long as you can. Make note of your score.

Category 2: Athleticism

This next category will test your speed, agility, coordination and skills.

First Athleticism Test: Box Jumps (or Tuck Jumps)

The purpose of this test is to measure the height you can jump, but if you don’t have access to plyometric boxes or don’t feel comfortable jumping onto platforms, you can choose to test the tuck jump instead.

Second Athleticism Test: Toe Taps

Count how many toe taps you can complete within 30 seconds.

Third Athleticism Test: Speed Jump Rope

How many jumps can you get within 60 seconds?

Fourth Athleticism Test: Suicide Drill

Time your speed to complete a 15 – 10 – 5 yard dash.

Category 3: Endurance

Timed One Mile Run

How fast can you complete one mile?

The easiest way to measure your distance is to do this on a track (4 laps) or on a treadmill (Distance 1.0). Time yourself with a stopwatch and record your time.

Category 4: Mobility

First Mobility Test: Shoulders

Second Mobility Test: Hips

Third Mobility Test: Ankles

Category 5: Body Composition

First measure your Scale Weight

Use a standard weight scale and test it 3 times to get an average result. Remove your shoes and any heavy or bulky clothing. Make sure the scale is on a flat surface and you stand up tall with good posture while taking the measurement. Record your measurement for use on the next test and for comparisons when you re-visit this test again.

Next, Measure your Body Fat Percentage

Use that weight measurement that you just found to measure your body fat percentage. I recommend this handheld bioelectrical impedance body fat analyzer. It will ask some information about you including gender, age, height, and more to give you the most accurate body fat reading.

Third, measure your Waist to Height Ratio (WtHR).

Take a measurement of your circumference at your belly button. Divide that number by your height in inches to come up with a percentage. Numbers below 50% and above 35% are in the healthy range for Living Lean.

Example using my numbers:

28 inch waist, divided by 66 inch height = .42 (42%)

Here are my scores from January 2021:


Push Up25 reps
Air Squat76 reps
Hip Thrust60 reps
Pull Up7 reps
Forearm Plank3:05


Tuck Jumps in 30 sec20 reps
Toe Taps in 30 sec52/side
Jump Rope in 60 sec120 jumps
Suicide Drill16 sec


One Mile Run8:02



Body Composition

Scale Weight121 lbs
Body Fat16%

These scores should provide you with benchmarks to set goals for yourself on your fitness journey.

If you were not able to complete any of the tests, don’t simply mark it as a fail, instead make note of how far you got or the reason for incomplete so you can try again next time and use it as motivation.

Fitness isn’t about making giant leaps, but rather about small forward steps that add up to big results over time.

Continue on your fitness journey, working hard at every workout, and you will be surprised how these test scores can improve.

For full body transformation try our Team Live Lean training plans. We offer both gym and home versions of every workout.

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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