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How to Start Working Out Again


If you used to workout hard, and then you stopped, here’s how to start back up again

Three tips for how to begin again

How to Start Working Out Again

I’ve been pregnant and now I’m nursing our newborn daughter so it’s been almost a year since I stopped working out as hard & frequently as I used to.

If you used to workout regularly but had to take time off for any reason..due to pregnancy, injury, busy at work, traveling or whatever it may be, it’s never too late to start back up again.

For this last year, my workout intensity and frequency have been much much lower than I was used to. I continued exercising throughout my pregnancy with the kind of workouts you see in Live Lean Pregnancy but compared to my old fitness level this was much slower for me

Once you are ready to start again,jumping straight back into your old routine is NOT the best idea. If I were to do one of my old workouts today I would seriously regret it tomorrow!

The muscle atrophy, meaning breakdown and softening of muscle tissue, is real and it’s important to take things slow when you’re coming back from time off

My strategy for getting back into fitness is like this:

1) No weight loss or body recomp goals for the first 3 months. Just simply focusing on consistency, form, muscle balance & slowly progressing my strength. I’ll be doing full body workouts and focusing only on how well I’m doing the moves and not on my body size or shape changing.

2) Not too often. Not jumping back into daily workouts. I’ll start with a 3x per week schedule for the first two weeks, then 4x per week & build up depending on how I’m feeling. Listening to your body is important.

3) Following a plan & setting goals that feel slightly outside of your comfort zone but that are still attainable. If goals are too easy to reach you likely won’t see any progress, but if they are too big you risk feeling defeat & giving up. It’s important to follow a consistent plan that has been thought out ahead of time because it will keep you on track and help you know if you’re improving.

Depending on the reason you took time off from working out u may have other goals like if u had an injury you may need to re-strengthen the weaker arm or leg before doing full body workouts again.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your health & safety come first. If u don’t keep yourself healthy & injury free you’ll have a hard time reaching any fat loss or recomp goals in the future.

If u are looking for a progressive program to follow I recommend my Live Lean Formula for Women program  that has 3 phases with the ultimate goal of getting you into fitness model shape.

I’m currently working on another program for new moms like me that will help gently guide you back into shape so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Pick up my Women’s workout program for an easy to follow guide that will get you fit again!

To see how I stayed fit throughout pregnancy check out my pregnancy training guide:

LL Pregnancy

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