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How to Create a Home Gym Under $400

Come take a tour of my Home Gym Space

What do your really need?

A gym membership is a luxury for sure. You pay your monthly dues and you have access to an abundance of extremely expensive professional grade exercise equipment.

A home gym is also a luxury, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you only get ONE thing, I would suggest it be a Floor Mat

Floor Mat$19

Spend just $19 and start with the one item that can “carve out your space” and create a simple home-gym. You can follow my T@H program to use it consistently to get yourself in incredible shape.

I followed Tone at Home exclusively for 3 months while I was creating it and this floor mat was literally the only piece of equipment I used.

For a Floor Mat only program follow: Tone @Home

If you want more than just a mat and you plan on livin’ the fit life forever, I would recommend you collect a few more things.

Here is my list for an intermediate home gym furnishing:

Floor Mat$19.00
Db’s 5’s$24.00
Db’s 10’s$64.00
Jump rope $30.00
Yoga blocks$7.00
Turf rug$115.00
Water bottle $20.00

These are estimates based on current Amazon prices where I live.
Prices may vary based on your area or price changes. You can save even more money by shopping used gear or finding stuff at garage sales.

Of course you can edit your list based on what items are most appealing to you.

There are a lot more things you can buy and over time you might choose to add things as you go, but this will be a really good start and help you feel “at home” with your fitness.

It’s been so important for me to have a place where I can focus.

Even though the kids are often with me in my home gym, it’s still a space where I can walk into, turn the music on and feel focused and motivated.

Although I must admit, I wouldn’t have nearly as effective workouts if I wasn’t following our programs.

I follow our Team Live Lean training plans, but I’ve also done Formula for Women, BAB2, and Tone @Home in this home workout space.

If you already have a home gym but it’s just collecting dust then it’s time to start following programs and put your investments back to work.

Start using your home gym and pick your first program to follow:




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