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Best Alternative For Protein Powder After A Workout

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Protein Cost Per Serving Comparison

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re sharing the best alternative for protein powder after a workout and comparing the cost per serving of protein.

This was a question from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 014.

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With that said, let’s jump into today’s question.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

@tulip991 on Snapchat asks: I lift heavy 4-5 times per week and always have a protein shake right after an intense weight lifting session. However, I just ran out of protein powder 🙁 and we are low on money, so I can’t get any more right away. I know that the protein from food is not digested as quickly as protein powder. What is the best alternative for protein powder after a workout? I need a substitute until we can afford it again. – Andrea

I would say egg whites would be your next best alternative for protein powder after a workout.

Egg whites are a good post workout protein substitute option because they are a quickly digesting protein source, just like protein powder.

However, you may be surprised at how affordable protein powder is, when you actually break it down to a cost per serving.

To demonstrate this, let’s compare the cost per serving of protein powder vs. egg whites.

Protein Cost Per Serving Comparison: Protein Powder vs. Egg Whites

Best Alternative For Protein Powder After A Workout

EarthNutri Egg White Protein Cost Per Serving:

  • 1 scoop serving of EarthNutri egg white protein contains 25g of protein.
  • There are 30 servings per tub.
  • The total cost of 1 tub including taxes, shipping, and using our 25% off LIVELEANTV25 discount code is $49.48.
  • This equals a total cost/25g serving of protein of $1.65.

Now let’s compare that cost per serving to egg whites.

Best Alternative For Protein Powder After A Workout

Egg Whites Cost Per Serving:

  • To get the equivalent of 25g of protein from egg whites, you would need to a 1 cup serving of egg whites.
  • To get 30 x 25g servings of protein, you would need to buy 15 x 16 oz cartons of egg whites.
  • The cost per carton of 16 oz egg whites is $3.99.
  • The total cost of 15 x 16 oz cartons of egg whites is $59.85.
  • This equals a total cost/25g serving of protein of $2.39.

So as shown, this disproves the myth that protein powder is more expensive than protein from food.

When you use our 25% off LiveLeanTV discount code, it makes both EarthNutri egg white protein powder and EarthNutri whey protein powder cheaper than buying egg whites.

Bottom Line: Best Alternative For Protein Powder After A Workout

Honestly, don’t overthink it.

For the majority of people, you’re probably not trying to be the next professional bodybuilding superstar like Phil Heath.

In other words, there’s no need to be overly concerned about how fast you’re digesting your protein after a workout.

However, when you are a professional bodybuilder, you have to take these things more seriously.

This means the speed of protein digestion after a workout becomes more important.

However, in this situation, I’m going to go out on a limb and say being a professional bodybuilder is probably not Andrea’s goal.

When you are just a normal human trying to Live Lean, it’s not a life or death situation for how quickly your protein is digested after a workout.

So just don’t overthink it.

But to answer your question, egg whites would be a good substitute and the best alternative for protein powder after a workout.

Supplements are a nice to have, but we definitely recommend having whole foods over supplements for every meal of the day, except post workout.

In fact, Jessica designs a lot of custom nutrition plans for clients without even including protein powder.

Let’s be real.

Food is everything and supplements are secondary.

Therefore, if you just ran out of protein powder temporarily, or you are not able to afford it temporarily, it is not the end of the world.

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Now I want you to go check out this video post on how much protein powder you should take after your workout.

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